Shopping Tips For Online and in the Stores

Shopping Tips For Online and in the Stores

Shopping is a major pastime for those of us that love fashion and enjoy getting out to the malls by ourselves or with friends, so these shopping tips for online and in-store shopping will be most useful. I’m fortunate to have a female friend that loves fashion and shopping as much as me so I have the occasional opportunity to do largely window shopping as clothes for my plus-size figure are just not available here in Merida. Still, I enjoy picking out fabrics which are delivered to my seamstress along with photos of my latest and greatest desires.

Same goes for shoes. My shoemaker is pretty adept at translating the latest styles in the stores into shoes that will fit my size 11W foot. They have to order special molds just for that size foot when 0-6 are more typical of the Mexican/Mayan women here

Nevertheless there are tips we need to know whether we peruse the malls or are favorite online stores. And yes, I know it’s more fun to shop when you can try it on, but online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds. The whole landscape of retail is changing, thanks in part to Amazon, but there are a lot more factors effecting how and where you will likely shop in the future, You will want to read this rather lengthy article on the Changing Economy and the Impact on Retail. Your favorite store may just not be there next year and your favorite brand, well sorry to say, no longer exists.

Justine Leconte, a French fashion designer, is now my favorite go to person for explaining the world of fashion in real life practical terms. Justine explains the major mistakes to avoid when shopping for clothes online but most of them apply to shopping in the stores too. Here they are and Justine explains them more fully in the video

  1. Check your bust, waist and hip measurement.
  2. Compare with the size table of the brand.
  3. Find out the total length of the garment.
  4. Don’t assume you know your size.
  5. Pay attention to garment details (e.g. tucks make everything fit wider).
  6. Make sure to see photos from all angles.
  7. Check the return policy (and if it is free to return an item from your country of residence).
  8. Check the fiber content (materials and their properties).
  9. Check the care instructions.


We’ll have more about fibers and how to care for them in our upcoming Fabric Guide.

You;ll also want to read the many other fine articles by our Savvy Shopper in the Sister House Boutique…your shortcut to being an expert shopper and winning our CPS (Certified Professional Shopper) award



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