Perfectly Me

Nora Simone, brand representation and model for Perfectly Me

Picture yourself in your very favorite place to be – out walks a woman who is not beautiful but you cannot take your eyes off of her – why? Confidence – this is what owning your runway is.

So what goes into looking great? The right flattering look for your body, the right color and the right fit.

Nora Simone style secrets with Perfectly Me

Perfectly.Me was created to be your wardrobe basics or your core “go to” pieces. What do we have? It is simple – we have an easy care Essentials Collection that will look fabulous on you and be the foundation for your wardrobe..

How do we do it? We don’t guess – we actually create your basic collection after understanding your unique style. It is all about making sure it is right for you.

I took advantage of my technology background and worked with dozens of experts to create the StyleCode. This code takes the essence of who you are and enables you to know if something will work for you or not. We make it easy because we actually do it for you. We find out who you are on the inside – Your Style Personality and add your Body Type and your Color Palette (each are equally important) to come up with your StyleCode

Nora Simone talks to Terri Ghio about how to achieve a flattering Fit with Perfectly Me

The Next Step

Take your style quiz here first.

Then find your Style Personality. It tells you who you are

Special Offer for trans girls (coming soon). This no cost offer is ten questions that help Terri determine what clothes styles and colors are best for you. Then Terri will provide you recommendations for colors and styles that match your personality and coloring. There is NO GUESSWORK. Nora worked with her personal stylist and Terri and both agreed on the selections. Terri is your Personal Stylist

This is a Made-To-Order product. See the FAQs below for more details

Click this link (link coming) to begin the process and look the best you have looked

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Feedback

on Quality and Feel of the Clothing

Let’s look over the Essentials Collection 

Jennifer Connolly, at A Well Styled Life®,is a widely read over 40 blogger and she had this to say about investment pieces

  • Opt for neutral colors that will coordinate with many other colors and patterns.
  • Stick to classic or near classic shapes or…
  • Choose unique items you will adore wearing everytime you wear it.
  • Does it play nicely with 5 or more items in your wardrobe?
  • Is it versatile and can I wear it different ways?
  • Look for quality details to ensure it will stand the test of repeated wearing.
  • Be prepared to care for your investment items meticulously.
  • Accessories can be some of the smartest investments

Terri talks about how the collection works for you in 8 Easy Pieces.

These are wrinkle-free clothes that can be stored and worn with no ironing, no fuss, and easy care. Perfect for the trans girl

Some more looks

This is Barbara and Leigh in “light teal”

Cool, Hourglass, Romantic/Classic | Light Teal: One of the colors that can be warm or cool!

Barbara and Leigh light teal

And here is Joan, a non-trans woman, who says,””I love clothes and Perfectly.Me fills a niche in my closet. In my busy world some days I don’t want to iron and don’t want to pull together an ensemble. Every time I wear Perfectly.Me I am looking chic with no effort! The fabric is beautiful and the designs classic! Thank you perfectly Me!”

Joan modelling Perfectly Me

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One thought on “Perfectly Me

  1. Looked over the collection, and I see I’ve collected a lot of the dressy stuff. Not as keen on long skirts or slacks – I flaunt legginess whenever I can, though the pants on the bottom of Page 1 are hot. Great blues!

    Yup, A-line tops and frocks are the answer to those of us broad-shouldered types without hips. And as an old galpal assured me decades ago, “whenever your hair or makeup is bad, or you think you’re not up to snuff, just wear cleavage, nobody notices the rest”…

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