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CheetuCheetu Jaisinghani is a gender master hypnotist located in Katni, India. He is the author of many courses, audio books and videos on hypnotherapy for feminization at Cheetu.com. Cheetu provides practical and effective ways to express your inner woman in every dimension possible, and improve your social life, physical appearance, relationships and emotional well-being. Unlike many other authors, Cheetu offers you many FREE resources including a free feminization hypnosis course.

One student said, “My actions and attitude became more natural and flowed easily because I did not have to consciously think about my feminine deportment. It was just happening at a subconscious level”.
Mar 10

Creating a Feminine Voice Through Hypnosis

Are you struggling to create a passable feminine voice?

It’s when you’re speaking to real people, in real life, within a few sentences, the girlie voice fades into your create a male voice and that’s what really gives you away. Most people that you meet tell you that they thought that you were a real woman until you started to talk.

You struggle with both pitch and inflection because you’re older. It seems that beyond a certain age, changing the way you speak gets to be harder and harder. You can practice into a recorder and sound fine.

The problem is that as soon as you quit concentrating on the sound of your voice, and just talk, it goes right back to your normal pitch and inflection within a few sentences. You need to make your feminine voice into your only voice.

Introducing Voice Feminization Hypnosis

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voice-feminizationVoice Feminization Hypnosis is a system that enables you to totally change your speech and pitch patterns. It’s a system that’s based on a deep understanding of how you struggle with your male voice.

Voice Feminization Hypnosis enables you to drop the old entrenched male voice and helps you to develop a spontaneous rhythm of feminine voice. Without any effort you will be in proper pitch and use women’s inflection in real life situations. Voice Feminization Hypnosis is available here, but please read on.

So how can Voice Feminization Hypnosis  Help You?

driving on automatic get a feminine voiceThe way you speak is a lot like the way you drive your car, it is almost automatic. You automatically clutch when you need to change the gears, you give signals when you’re about to turn and you can push the brakes in microseconds.

You need not think when you’re driving; your body has learned to drive. Exactly like driving a car, your body has learned to speak in a male voice.

When you switch back to your male voice, it’s almost automatic.
The female voice you want to get acquainted with is like driving a motor boat. A motor boat may have the same kind of controls, but it’s a lot different to drive on water than on road.

This is the usual way of getting to the feminine voice:

The muscles of your vocal cords are accustomed to generating male sounds because of years of practice in doing so. The new, feminine voice you want to use is very young; the muscles of your vocal cords will take months of arduous practice to generate an acceptable feminine voice.

Is there a way to speed up this learning process? How can you teach your body and mind to speak spontaneously in a feminine voice? And is it possible to achieve this at an older age?

Dreaming and your sense of time!
time for feminine voiceWell, time is an idea; just a notion.

When you were young, very young, there was no time. When you sleep there is no sense of time.  When you’re dreaming, time is even more elastic, within one single dream you can live an entire life, and in the morning when you wake, you’ll wonder how in the few hours you have been asleep, you experienced an entire life in that dream.

The way dreams work is important to understand, and dreams have two core functions:


  1. The Junk Type
  2. The Message Type

Maintain Sanity
Simply cleansing your mind is the purpose of 75% of the dreams you have. They’re the release of the leftovers you have. The hangover you get from your daily activity. All day long you have incomplete thoughts, desires, and contemplations. These incomplete leftovers need a release, a kind of sorting.

When you sleep your subconscious mind sorts all the information it has collected through your senses, it stores the most relevant ones and releases the rest of them as dreams. Most of the fantasies and nightmares you have are just junk cleaning.  Through dreams they’re expressed and released.

Convey Messages
However, 25% of the dreams you have convey messages because your subconscious mind wants to notify you of something. Either your subconscious wants to give you an answer to a question you had in mind during the day or it simply is giving you guidance to something of which you are unaware.

The junk type of dreams is different from the message dreams. They’re hard to remember, but these dreams have a clear message and if you don’t listen they may be repeated over time.

The Other Side of the Coin
Most people are not aware of the other side of the coin, in that we can also communicate with our subconscious mind the way it communicates with us.

A Voluntarily Created Dream
my dreams feminine voiceHypnosis is a voluntarily created dream, and it is very easily understood by your subconscious mind. And surprisingly, you also can clean junk from your subconscious mind, the way it does to us.

You can wash away deep-rooted conditionings which are of no use now, such as dropping the masculine vocal patterns. And you can send precise messages to learn the feminine vocal and speech patterns without any resistance from your subconscious mind.  With a few repetitions, your subconscious mind will accept these suggestions and your feminine voice exponentially improve.

Different Methods of Voice Feminization Hypnosis


Future-Self-feminine-voiceThe Future Self Method
With the Future Self Method you’ll be able to convey the idea of speaking in a feminine voice in real life situations with spontaneity to your subconscious mind. Once this is conveyed, your subconscious mind will act upon this idea and create all which is needed to fulfill it. Changes will occur in the vocal cords and muscles.



suggestions for feminine voiceThe Let Go… Method

Oh, I will always sound like a man! Nothing comes out right. It is so embarrassing!” you actually ask your subconscious to keep seeing your voice as a problem and invite it to keep making it a problem.

With Let Go… Method you’ll be able to collect all your masculine vocal patterns and unlearn them.



suggestions for feminine voiceThe Hypnotic Suggestions
There are specific suggestions which will help you practice your new feminine voice.

You’ll be asked to practice your new voice with these suggestions and it will double the effect of your practice. With each repetition your subconscious mind will accept the idea of a new voice and your vocal muscles will get accept the new pattern more easily.

Speaking with a woman’s inflection is the most important aspect of sounding like an authentic woman. There’s a subtle, but noticeable, difference between feminine and gay inflections. Having a gay accent gives you away in a heartbeat. You don’t have the expertise to know how to manipulate your brain into thinking that your woman’s voice is your normal voice.

The Voice Feminization Hypnosis process will help you embed the feminine voice in your body and mind. Voice Feminization Hypnosis is the only system which teaches you to uproot your male voice from its very roots and implant the feminine vocal patterns through your subconscious mind.

Important points of Voice Feminization Hypnosis Pack

    • How to stay in the proper pitch and speak with a passable woman’s inflection.
    • How to just talk in a feminine voice without any concentration.
    • Why changing the way you speak is harder and harder after a certain age.
    • How to re-train the muscles in your throat that control your pitch.
    • How to overcome a deeply entrenched male voice.
    • How to develop a lovely woman’s voice.

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