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Tasi (housemistress)

Tasi DevilTasi is a married cross dresser, a father, a grandfather, a Vietnam vet and a businessman, now retired. She is the founder of Lambda Beta Rho, formerly Tri-Ess, but now the Ladies of the Blue Ridge Transgender Association.

She’s an author and a fashion columnist for several national and international magazines and forums in the transgender community and a speaker at various universities.

Tasi, like many of you, experimented with cross dressing over the years, but it wasn’t until about 7 years ago that she came out to her wife after more than 30 years of marriage. This was a difficult time that led to compromises needed to maintain a balanced relationship. Tasi and Janet are willing to share those experiences through this website so that you, the reader, can have an understanding source for the many questions that arise in your own lives as a transgender person or spouse.

Tasi has a love of fashion which you will see throughout Sister House and in her blog, the Fashionable TG Woman

You can also read a more comprehensive profile on Tasi through a two part series in Shades of Gender in Chicago Now

Part 1: http://www.chicagonow.com/shades-gender/2015/04/interview-with-cross-dressing-corporate-executive/
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Lori grew up in an era when girls were still “girls”, meaning she did all the expected feminine things for a young girl of her social group. Ballet and piano lessons, ballroom dancing, charm classes, and even amateur modeling – it was the norm for young girls at one time.

Before college Lori attended a finishing school where she was further instructed in every aspect of being a lady – grooming, make-up, wardrobe, etiquette, and the all-essential poise. (Imagine a textbook with pale pink pages teaching how to enter a car without looking clumsy or making a derriere too prominent!)

Lori will be our resident style and shopping expert with her Dressing Room column Putting It Together. In addition, she will share memories of her growing-up years in a column called On Being a Girl.


Astrid is our in-house etiquette expert. She comes from an environment where traditional manners were the rule – where tables were always set completely and where women never appeared at the dinner table in anything but skirts. While she actually knows the difference between a pastry fork and a dessert fork, we will be using her for more down-to-earth questions that arise in today’s more casual life.


Pandora is a friend of many years who has the knack of asking probing questions -- questions that have not always been easy or comfortable to answer and that have at times even annoyed or frustrated me. I realized long ago, though, that her sometimes unwelcome viewpoints had always required me to more thoroughly think through my own positions and beliefs.

I have asked her to contribute periodic columns in the hope that, in her own inimitable way, she will instigate the kind of lively conversation that leads us in the end to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Great News!! A book by Pandora is coming out this fall. It promises to be pure Pandora, with her ability to cut to the chase with insight, irreverence, and lots of helpful information. Watch this space for more information.

The Savvy Shopper

The Savvy Shopper has been shopping widely but wisely for many decades. She has an uncanny ability to look through the haze of enticing words and beautiful pictures, and instead see the “real” product offered. Early in her marriage, her husband created the title C.P.S. (Certified Professional Shopper) to describe his wife’s ability to shop in great quantity, but always (well almost always) with the desired quality. In her column entitled simply The Savvy Shopper, this C.P.S. will share with us her methods for avoiding shopper’s remorse.


Candice Coleen Kowal or “Candy” as she is liked to be called is a 3rd generation Polish American girl who was raised as a Catholic. She is married, straight, and is a “closet” cross dresser who understands the real life challenges we face in presenting ourselves in multiple roles. During her bachelorette dazes, Candy has lived as a female for about 6 years.  Today, Candy is reliving those early days on the QT, respectful of the marital vows while trying to understand and better support a women’s perspective.

“I enjoy feeling feminine and girly at times and try to convey my thoughts in a light hearted, easy going manner.”  “ I like to explore those things women take for granted and imagine how I can experience those things without compromising the integrity of my current social circles.” “For me, being girly is a fun activity of experiencing and exploring the idea that heterosexuals can have very feminine tendencies and we should be allowed to explore those feelings.”

Candy is a member of two Yahoo groups, the Chicagoland T-Girls and Pretty T Girls. Candy is a Navy Aviation Veteran, has a A.S. in Business Management and Administration, and was in a professional musical band as a rhythm and bass guitarist.

Teri Lynn

Contributing Editor Teri Lynn Richards

Teri Lynn's education and career experience include Volunteer Firefighter, while in Junior College; service in the Army, a B.S. in Criminology/Law Enforcement; Asst. Chief of Security, Fire & Safety, for one of our National Park's concessions; and over 27 years as a Dept. of Justice, Special Agent (Ret.).

A life-long CD, with freedom to express herself much more since retirement, Teri has a supportive (not to be confused with enthusiastic) wife, and two grown, non-approving children. Teri's twin brother, a sister and brother-in-law and three nieces, know about Teri's CD/TG status. Only one brother and one niece support Teri's feminine journey.

In her family, Teri was never able to express her TG feelings, having very strict and conservative parents; not to mention growing up in a much more conservative society than we have today.

Teri has introduced her fem-self to all of her close neighbors and some former co-workers. All, except one neighbor, approve; but only two of her former co-workers approve. Never-the-less, Teri is a on mission to introduce more former co-workers and other friends, to what a TG lifestyle represents and she is willing to let those friends she her feminine side.

As a Special Agent, Teri investigated a broad range of crimes, ranging from fraud, major thefts, corruption of public officials, sex-predator crimes, homicide, terrorist-threats, identity theft, etc, etc.

Teri has had two novels published by Mags Inc/Reluctant Press: "Stress or Desire?" and "High Plains 'Twister'".

Teri Lynn is the author of the following articles on Fictionmania: "If Only"; "Bras - My Conduit to Femininity"; "Stress Or Desire?"; and
"A "Twister" on the High Plains of Kansas".
Additionally, Teri is an Editor for "THE MIRROR", and has written numerous articles for that magazine - a publication of Tri-Ess.

Teri is also a Moderator and Editor for another TG Web-group and has written many articles for that Group.

I trust that you will find her articles helpful and informative.


Guest Columnist - Fashion

Lisa Rowe was born in 1970 and has identified with the female gender for as long as she can remember. She considers herself a crossdresser because she is forced to dress like a guy the majority of her life to satisfy societal expectations, but when she does get her girl time, a magical transformation takes place, and it's easy to see her true gender.

Lisa is very fashion conscious and focuses less on dresses and heels and more on what every day girls are wearing. Her favorite compliment is that she looks like the girl next door, and so in her articles, she will focus on fashion tips that will help girls become more passable in public. When Lisa isn't shopping for shoes, she blogs about her life as a male to female crossdresser at Lisa Girl."


Guest Columnist – Fashion

Carollyn Olson is a married, straight, conservative, 50-plus year old cross dresser from California. She has been cross dressing for over 30 years and is very active in the community. She has written seven books including "Tricks of the Trade -- A Beginners Guide to Cross Dressing" and her most recent novel "Look Through Any Window."

She is a proud member and the co-founder of the Yahoo Mature Woman and the Mature Woman Flickr site. She was named the 2010 Glamour Boutique Glamour Girl of the Year and has won many other internet honors.

“My desire is to create an illusion which is a complement to all women. Cross dressing is not meant to demean women, but to uphold their presence and beauty. I try to accomplish that goal every chance I get." Ms. Olson can be reached at: carollynolson@yahoo.com

Donna Kelli

DonnaKelli resides in southern California and is married to a wonderful and understanding woman. They have four grown children living out of the home. She is semi-retired from government service now doing consulting and teaching. She is also active in academia giving presentations to local colleges on transgender issues.

Donna has won many contests and awards including Glamour Girl for 2014, the Pretty T-girl of the month several times and many otherswhere she consistently places in the top three positions. She is also active

In talking about herself, she says: I have been a Crossdresser since I was about 5 years old and like most of us had no idea why I felt the desire to dress or be like a girl. As I got older the realization that I needed to keep it secret became apparent. I dressed as most of us did in sister’s and mom’s clothes until I was about 17. I dressed on and off through my first year of college before going into the Army in 71/72 and serving in Southeast Asia. When I returned home I changed my major in college and went into Government service. I had a long professional career with several promotions

My CD/TG lifestyle never left me, I was asked recently about purging , and if I ever did. The answer is yes twice once at age 20 and again at age 26. I realized after the second purge there was a girl deep inside me that wanted out but didn't want to leave. I accepted myself as who I am and decided to make it work. I have been out in public since I was 20 but only a few times a year then. I have been out with increasing frequency ever since.

After accepting myself I knew I would have to share my secret with a future wife. I have been married twice and both wives knew long before marriage. My wife has known me since we were children and is my best friend.

I have always gone to regular mainstream places to test myself and to learn how well I was doing at transitioning from male to female. This was the right approach for me. I now relate as TG because I feel for me it's more than clothes and Make up.

I am usually Donnakelli 3 or 4 days a week doing our household errands and to do lists e.g., grocery store, cleaners, car repairs, etc. Doing everyday things a woman would do is a great way to become more successful in your transition.


Mellissalynn, Mellissa to her friends, was born in and is a resident of central Illinois, in the United States. She served twenty years in the US Navy, achieving the rank of Electronics Technician First Class Petty Officer. She retired in January of 2005 in San Diego, California, and returned to Illinois six months later, after obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix.

Mellissa began writing a tips and tricks column for Pretty T-Girls magazine, put out by the Pretty T-Girls Yahoo group, in April of 2008. Since that time, she has provided articles consistently to every issue of the magazine. More recently, she has started sharing articles with SIS magazine, which is put out on deviantArt.com, and also the Special Girls magazine, also put out on Yahoo.

In September of 2012, Mellissa began attending cosmetology school, taking both cosmetology and esthetics courses. She graduated the school in January of 2014, and has since returned to the school to take courses to become a cosmetology instructor. She also is working in a local salon as a professional stylist.

She loves to hear from readers! Feel free to e-mail her any questions you may have, or any tips, tricks, or comments you’d like to share. She can be reached at MellissaLynn@sisterhouse.net

Claire Stafford

Guest Columnist - Fashion

Claire is a Northern Irish/Australian girl who began cross dressing at the early age of three or four. Her career has mainly been in the health industry as a general nurse with stints as an educator and a counselor. There have been a couple of side trips into retail and photography as well

Claire is the owner of the Yahoo group, Clairestafford2000. She has been published in various journalistic magazines and T.G. fiction, under the name, 'Lady Claire Stafford'. Having had an active time as a very out and involved crossdresser, Claire is more retiring these days. She always keeps a finger on the pulse of TG life in Melbourne to see and learn what is exciting and what is happening among the CDs of Australia.

Claire is joining us as a columnist in the Dressing Room under the heading, “Buckley Down Under”


Guest Columnist – Fashion and beauty

Fiona is currently completing her post-graduate studies in Fashion and Textile History at FIT and when finished, plans on starting her own business supporting the transgender community. Before she started her studies in New York, she was living in California working for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and doing freelance styling. She grew up in England and her first career was in costume, working for many years at the Royal National Theater and the Royal Court Theater, before moving to work as a stylist for Fox TV. She is also associated with the Mary Kay organization and having worked with the transgender community for many years, is excited to continue making all kinds of women feel good about themselves and explore new beauty and fashion choices. Over six feet tall in her bare feet, she understands the challenges of feeling feminine when surrounded by cute petite friends! and so emphasizes the importance of proportion, fit and detail in her work. We are pleased to have her as a contributor to Sister House.

Marie Green

Marie Greene Marie was born in the northeast and raised in the mid-west. Originally christened Adrian but changed it as she matured. After helping to raise three girls and the death of her spouse, entered the field of Interior Design for several years, then became the hostess at a Bed & Breakfast Inn and Special Event Planner and is now embarked on a new career as a Women’s Wear Model and Special Events Hostess/Host. The latest have been: Wonder Woman @ Halloween, Playboy Bunny @ Marti Gras Party, Formal Maitre De @ Thanksgiving Dinner, Irish Laird @ St. Patrick’s Day, the White Suited “the Plane” Greeter from “Paradise Island, Snow Princess@ New Year’s Eve Party. Future possibilities include: Annie Oakley and Amelia Earhart. Currently composing a Memoir titled “Phillip’s Girl’ which consists of more than thirty vignettes of Marie Annes’s Adventures in femininity.