About Candy

Candice Coleen Kowal or “Candy” as she is liked to be called is a 3rd generation Polish American girl who was raised as a Catholic. She is married, straight, and is a “closet” cross dresser who understands the real life challenges we face in presenting ourselves in multiple roles. During her bachelorette dazes, Candy has lived as a female for about 6 years.  Today, Candy is reliving those early days on the QT, respectful of the marital vows while trying to understand and better support a women’s perspective.

“I enjoy feeling feminine and girly at times and try to convey my thoughts in a light hearted, easy going manner.”  “ I like to explore those things women take for granted and imagine how I can experience those things without compromising the integrity of my current social circles.” “For me, being girly is a fun activity of experiencing and exploring the idea that heterosexuals can have very feminine tendencies and we should be allowed to explore those feelings.”

Candy is a member of two Yahoo groups, the Chicagoland T-Girls and Pretty T Girls. Candy is a Navy Aviation Veteran, has a A.S. in Business Management and Administration, and was in a professional musical band as a rhythm and bass guitarist.