About Donnakelli

DonnaKelli resides in southern California and is married to a wonderful and understanding woman. They have four grown children living out of the home. She is semi-retired from government service now doing consulting and teaching. She is also active in academia giving presentations to local colleges on transgender issues.

Donna has won many contests and awards including Glamour Girl for 2014, the Pretty T-girl of the month several times and many otherswhere she consistently places in the top three positions. She is also active

In talking about herself, she says: I have been a Crossdresser since I was about 5 years old and like most of us had no idea why I felt the desire to dress or be like a girl. As I got older the realization that I needed to keep it secret became apparent. I dressed as most of us did in sister’s and mom’s clothes until I was about 17. I dressed on and off through my first year of college before going into the Army in 71/72 and serving in Southeast Asia. When I returned home I changed my major in college and went into Government service. I had a long professional career with several promotions

My CD/TG lifestyle never left me, I was asked recently about purging , and if I ever did. The answer is yes twice once at age 20 and again at age 26. I realized after the second purge there was a girl deep inside me that wanted out but didn't want to leave. I accepted myself as who I am and decided to make it work. I have been out in public since I was 20 but only a few times a year then. I have been out with increasing frequency ever since.

After accepting myself I knew I would have to share my secret with a future wife. I have been married twice and both wives knew long before marriage. My wife has known me since we were children and is my best friend.

I have always gone to regular mainstream places to test myself and to learn how well I was doing at transitioning from male to female. This was the right approach for me. I now relate as TG because I feel for me it's more than clothes and Make up.

I am usually Donnakelli 3 or 4 days a week doing our household errands and to do lists e.g., grocery store, cleaners, car repairs, etc. Doing everyday things a woman would do is a great way to become more successful in your transition.