About Marie Greene

Marie Greene Marie was born in the northeast and raised in the mid-west. Originally christened Adrian but changed it as she matured. After helping to raise three girls and the death of her spouse, entered the field of Interior Design for several years, then became the hostess at a Bed & Breakfast Inn and Special Event Planner and is now embarked on a new career as a Women’s Wear Model and Special Events Hostess/Host. The latest have been: Wonder Woman @ Halloween, Playboy Bunny @ Marti Gras Party, Formal Maitre De @ Thanksgiving Dinner, Irish Laird @ St. Patrick’s Day, the White Suited “the Plane” Greeter from “Paradise Island, Snow Princess@ New Year’s Eve Party. Future possibilities include: Annie Oakley and Amelia Earhart. Currently composing a Memoir titled “Phillip’s Girl’ which consists of more than thirty vignettes of Marie Annes’s Adventures in femininity.