About Nadine Spirit

Nadine Spirit has been a lifelong gender non-conformer. She began cross dressing in her early twenties and has been actively working on her own personal style ever since. While Nadine spends most of her time presenting as a male she is always presenting in a gender non-conforming manner. Most of the time she presents a very mixed gender presentation, from her brightly painted fingernails, to the female jewelry, to her Coach wallet, she enjoys presenting an image of who she sees herself as, existing somewhere between male and female.

Nadine has been blogging since 2010. She started her blog, Unordinary Style, with the idea of being able to show a fashionable side to cross dressers. Since that time her blog has evolved into showing her personal style, discussing a wide variety of transgender topics, as well posts about her personal life. At 5’9” and 155lbs Nadine has often been described as having a body that anything will fit on but one of the best lessons she has learned about clothes is that nothing magically fits on anyone. She has been known to fit into a S, M, or L and anything from a size 4 to a 12 and what she has learned from this is that the most important thing to good fitting clothes is to get out there, use the tags as a guide, and try, try, try!