About nina

Nina“The Voice is the Instrument of the Soul”
~Henry Longfellow

Nina has been helping transgender women around the world with voice feminization for almost 30 years. She uses a blend of traditional voice and speech techniques, mixed with theater tips and tricks, which help women sound like the feminine beings they really are...beautiful and authentic.

Nina grew up in New York and studied theater, voice and communications at New York University. During that time, she helped male actors play female roles, especially in Shakespearean plays with feature gender fluidity. Her first transgender voice student was one of her best friends who transitioned from Mark to Michelle. With Nina’s help, Michelle was finally able to get recognized as the woman she was, even on the phone.
Since then Nina has also began incorporating neuroscience research on how people learn, remember and apply information to form productive new habits. Today, she uses her background to help transgender women from 16 countries feminize their voices in an effective, nurturing, uplifting manner. She loves watching and hearing women gain confidence and improved results in their personal and professional lives as they gain a feminine voice which reflects who they truly are.