About Nora

Though she loves to experiment with different looks, Ms. Nora Simone is a mature crossdresser who seeks to present a modern and sophisticated feminine image. She’s happily married to an understanding spouse, a father, a successful business person, highly educated, and well -traveled.

When traveling, Nora enjoys meeting friends with similar interests and visiting local markets/shops, cultural sites, or mainstream restaurants. She especially appreciates professional makeover services and in a recent year (2016) experienced dozens of artists and claims to “never have had a bad makeover-ever!”

Health, fitness, and wellness are a priority for Ms. Simone to ensure her female presentation is attractive and complimentary to women. She is generous with her time for charitable causes and is an animal lover.

Ms. Simone’s writings about crossdressing and images have been featured in magazines (e.g. Frock, Transliving) and on websites (e.g. banner model, woman of the month), and as a calendar girl. Nora has also been a live classroom makeover model for crossdressers and transwomen, and selected as a runway fashion model for crossdressers.

She asks readers “What man wouldn’t want to know what it’s like to be a gorgeous woman at least once in their lives?”

Nora can be reached at norasimone@yahoo.com.