About Teri Lynn

Contributing Editor Teri Lynn Richards

Teri Lynn's education and career experience include Volunteer Firefighter, while in Junior College; service in the Army, a B.S. in Criminology/Law Enforcement; Asst. Chief of Security, Fire & Safety, for one of our National Park's concessions; and over 27 years as a Dept. of Justice, Special Agent (Ret.).

A life-long CD, with freedom to express herself much more since retirement, Teri has a supportive (not to be confused with enthusiastic) wife, and two grown, non-approving children. Teri's twin brother, a sister and brother-in-law and three nieces, know about Teri's CD/TG status. Only one brother and one niece support Teri's feminine journey.

In her family, Teri was never able to express her TG feelings, having very strict and conservative parents; not to mention growing up in a much more conservative society than we have today.

Teri has introduced her fem-self to all of her close neighbors and some former co-workers. All, except one neighbor, approve; but only two of her former co-workers approve. Never-the-less, Teri is a on mission to introduce more former co-workers and other friends, to what a TG lifestyle represents and she is willing to let those friends she her feminine side.

As a Special Agent, Teri investigated a broad range of crimes, ranging from fraud, major thefts, corruption of public officials, sex-predator crimes, homicide, terrorist-threats, identity theft, etc, etc.

Teri has had two novels published by Mags Inc/Reluctant Press: "Stress or Desire?" and "High Plains 'Twister'".

Teri Lynn is the author of the following articles on Fictionmania: "If Only"; "Bras - My Conduit to Femininity"; "Stress Or Desire?"; and
"A "Twister" on the High Plains of Kansas".
Additionally, Teri is an Editor for "THE MIRROR", and has written numerous articles for that magazine - a publication of Tri-Ess.

Teri is also a Moderator and Editor for another TG Web-group and has written many articles for that Group.

I trust that you will find her articles helpful and informative.