A Bodycon Dress for a Plus Sized Girl

A Bodycon Dress for a Plus Sized Girl

Well yes, I’m a plus-size girl and convinced myself that I could wear a bodycon dress after writing this article on Yes, Ladies of Every Shape Can Wear a Bodycon Dress.  Admittedly, wearing a bodycon dress was one of my greatest fears but it shouldn’t have been. I am what I am and the dress made me feel beautiful and confident and maybe even a little sexy.

It started several months ago while researching an article about wearing  a leopard print, I ran across a great outfit on Ebay and it was a steal. Well it arrived and I loved it but it was a mite tight, in effect turning the LBD into a bodycon dress. I was fortunate that the look was truly classic as we can see in this article about different styles from Sylvia of the 40plus blog.. This definitely is an investment piece

the classic look with a black bodycon dress

Well I must have been intuitive because I got most everything right according to Stylewe on Tips for Plus Size Women for Wearing Bodycon Dress. Here is what I did right.

Getting It Right

Pick the Right Style

Each woman has her own body shape and she should focus on that shape while picking her outfit. For example, if you have heavy bottom, wear a bodycon dress with an embellished top. It will divert the focus towards the top area. And for heavy looking bosom, you can get it covered with some stylish layer. In my case, this was a leopard print jacket which is both stylish and trendy.

A Black Bodycon Dress

An all-black bodycon dress is the best option for a plus size woman to get a chic look. Enrobed in a black outfit, you will get an elongated and vertical look with an illusion of a slimming body. The hemline was two inches above the knee and well now I understand why so many crossdressers love this look. It makes you feel sexy and works for women of all ages

right style and color black in a bodycon dress

Left – the right style and Right – black is chic

Pick the Right Fabrics

Keeping in view your weight, opt for the fabrics that are firm enough to hold on the plump areas on your body without forming any extra bulges. My dress was a jersey fabric which stretched nicely over my curves

The Layered Look

Those of you who don’t want to reveal your mid-section of body, cover it up under some layers. It would give you a more balanced and proportionate look. This could be anything like a well-cut blazer, a cardigan, or an oversized blouse.

right fabric and layered look in a bodycon dress

Left – choosing the right fabric and Right – using a layered look

What I Didn’t Do Right

Pick the right undergarment

vintage open bottom girdle

A new girdle

Did I wear undergarments, yes…but not the right combination. They were the right size but did not provide a seamless look needed for a bodycon dress. I had a well-fitting bra, padded panties and a boned waist cincher. Unfortunately some of the bones poked through the edges of the cincher and it tended to ride up while the padded panties rode down making frequent wardrobe adjustments necessary.

I’ve solved this problem for the future as I was able to buy a pull-on, open bottom 40s style girdle (new on Ebay) which will give me seamless coverage from the thigh to just under my bra.

Debbie Sessions of Vintagedancer.com is an authority on these garments. These garments were comfortable and worn by women through the 40s and 50s. They were praised for their o shaping ability and posture improvements. They were made with rayon or cotton, and a small amount of elastic was allowed to be used to give them some stretch. They usually had some elastic panels on the front and back, the rest of the fabric being rigid. Steel boning at the back helped with posture correction. The girdle was tight enough to shape well but not to suck everything in, and reached to the waistline past the belly button. Spanx has reinvented shapewear and while they are comfortable and good at smoothing, they don’t supply the structure most women need for a 1940s or a bodycon shape

Check out my Pinterest page Shapewear For Us Girls too

What I Liked

Well the dress was sexy and sophisticated/chic and the leopard print jacket made it very trendy too. The jersey fabric gave it enough stretch for it to feel comfortable and I loved the shorter length. My boobs were held in place so I could move freely without bouncing or slipping bra straps.  This is the kind of dress that you can dance all night in…Donnakelli, move over…here I come. Next time will be a killer event.


black bodycon dress and Tasi's look

Tasi in black bodycon dress

Tasi is 5 ft 10 in tall, weighing 225 lbs, and wearing a size 26/28 (or 3X) dress purchased on Ebay

Another example of a bodycon dress on a lovely plus size lady is Julie Shaw from Spokane, WA

Julie Shaw

Julie is 5 ft 7 in tall and wears a size 16-18 or XL dress


And to end this post with some humor here is Jeanne Robertson, a southern lady for North Carolina who makes her living as a humorist. She doesn’t talk about fashion often so you’ll not want to miss Don’t Snap an Elephant to a Tree.

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