Adding Color Makes a Difference

Adding Color Makes a Difference

We are surrounded by color so adding color to our outfits makes a difference. It plays a vital role in our lives. Color palettes are used for fashions, interior design, moods and emotional states and we can use color to create illusion and as a symbol for our ideas and personality. And color makes a difference in unexpected ways.

It was found that sporting teams who wore red uniforms consistently won more frequently. In equally matched bouts, the preponderance of red wins was great enough that it could not be attributed to chance. Another study from Cornell University found that professional sporting teams who wore black uniforms were considered more aggressive than those wearing light colored uniforms, even when the two teams performed nearly identical actions.  There were more penalties given to teams with black uniforms.

According to research (and there is a ton of fascinating research out there) on color, one aspect of color that is often forgotten, and it relates to why color is so important, is that color makes it easier for our brains to remember.

Adding Color Makes You Memorable

Psychologists have shown that color helps us to process and store visual information more efficiently than colorless experiences.  The colors worn can positively or negatively affect how a person remembers you.  Between 62%-90% of the visual impression is based on color alone according to a few studies on branding and consumer decision buying processes.

What’s that got to do with you?  Well, the clothes you wear are your packaging and whatever your activity, wearing colors that suit you and enhance you will gain you a more positive memory in the minds of others and give you an edge when decisions on who to choose are made.

Which Outfit Grabs Your Attention?

Adding Color makes you memorable

You can see how the colored outfit above is much more memorable, in fact you’d remember seeing it.  The black and white one?  You’d forget it as soon as it leaves the room.

Here’s a personal example of adding color. Compare my look in a LBD to this neutral with a flash of color to my red print dress. What stands out in your mind?

Tasi-different outfits by adding color

Now we love neutrals, why?  Well because we don’t remember them so much.  That’s the point.  They are a great basis for our supporting acts, those pieces that we want to wear day in and day out without them being noticed.  That’s why black pants, and denim jeans are such wardrobe staples and workhorses.  They have huge uses.  This is why a TV presenter could wear the same navy suit every day for a year, and why another woman could wore the same black dress every day for a the Uniform Project.

What did you notice about this video?  It wasn’t the black dress, but the other colors in accessories and other garments that it was teamed with.


Tasi's scarf with light teal blouse

In the middle picture above, I was looking to team a new black flouncy hem skirt with a top and this light teal top with rusching in the breast area (great for us plus-size ladies) was just the piece but it looked a bit blah to me. So I searched my few scarves and came up with new look that had a bit of pizzaz. What do you think?

Add a Splash of Color to Every Outfit

Unless you are an undercover agent or a corporate spy who needs to disappear into the background and be forgotten, add a splash or a dash of color to every outfit.   You don’t have to wear a head to toe colored outfit, but think about adding colors in accessories or just one garment to be seen and memorable.

Adding color elements makes you memorable

Even a small amount of color in an outfit makes it more noticeable, particularly if it’s from the warm overtone side of the color wheel as these have advancing properties. See Imogen’s use of color below

A small amount of color makes a difference

See how the red top has a greater impact than the blue, making the outfit more memorable and exciting?

If you are just not sure which are the right colors to choose, then take one of the many color analysis tests on You Tube here or here. And check out All About Color in the Sister House Library.

Source:  Imogen Lamport’s



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