Bitten by the Youth Bug

Bitten by the Youth Bug

Bitten by the Youth Bug or alternatively are my clothes age-appropriate for my advancing years. One of my favorite sections on Sister House is Femme d’Çertain Age in the Dressing Room which focus’s on fashion and style for the over 50 women, Sometimes she’s called the “invisible women” because  people think that fashion has passed her by. But nothing could be further from the truth. Many of the most beautiful women in the world are over fifty.

There are many reasons that we cross-dress but for me it’s an overwhelming desire to feel (and be) pretty and I’m hardly alone in that feeling. I’m sure that desire drives our selections in what we wear as too many equate being pretty with being sexy and they are not the same.

One of my favorite GG bloggers, 53, says that she wants to look healthy, stylish, and modern. I couldn’t have said it better. She feels it’s important to be role models to younger women but the catch is, you need to look the part to gain acceptance by the millennials.

I wrote this post for Repartee last year and it still applies today on being Older, Wiser and More Stylish. You would think that being older, wiser and more stylish would be a given, but not so. In discussing fashion faux pas’ of trans women on a trans beauty blog, high on the list was the perennial favorite of not dressing your age. We show you how older women can dress stylishly without looking like a millennial.

The surge in street style blogs and mature Instagram “influencers” has changed  who we see as role models and allowed readers to find their own “real-life” style icons – as opposed to professional models in glossy magazines. It has made celebrities and cult figures of a swath of women who might previously have lived a low-key, parochial existence, but who are now feted for their looks and lifestyle and are reaping the financial rewards.

“Women today seek out bloggers who have a similar lifestyle to them, whether that’s an older woman with a fabulous career wardrobe or a bohemian retiree, and we use them as real-life style advisers,” says Kim Winser, founder of fashion label Winser London,

The Guardian published this recent article Fashion wakes up to the older woman, demonstrating that the mature woman is now stepping into the role of the stylish woman. Coco Chanel once quipped that “after 40 nobody is young, but one can be irresistible at any age”. Social media has given rise to a generation of irresistible older style icons with big followings

I’m a 76 year old cross-dresser and will never be anybody’s style icon but I can still be stylish as evidenced by recent business meetings with two mature businesswomen here in Merida. Both complimented me on my outfit. I was “muy bueno”. Made a girl feel good. I wore my black cocktail dress with dangly silver earrings and carried an attractive  handbag as I wanted to be seen as both attractive and professional

Tasi in LBD

That said, I usually try for a more casual look with printed skirts or occasionally a solid color dress in purple or blue for a GNO. I also love the Bohemian look with long skirts. Here are two new looks. The dress on the left is similar to a street style outfit worn by a classic looking older women in some tree-lined suburbs and on the right, a striking, flowy dress similar to that worn by a GG friend here in Merida. Both make me feel very feminine but I still fear that I may have been bitten by the youth bug

tasi;s new outfits youth bug

I have over 100 Pinterest boards dedicated to fashion of all flavors. I hope you’ll peruse some of them in search of outfits that speak to you. My list of desirable outfits for my dressmaker is quite long.

Then take a look at 62 year old Heather as she models comfortable to classy looks for the fall

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t acquaint you with Mrs Maya Plays from Perth, Western Australia. This is one fabulous woman I would be hard-pressed indeed to find anyone with such flamboyant style who pulled it off so well.

mre maya plays youth bug



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