How I Embrace My Love of Fashion Into the Bohemian Style

How I Embrace My Love of Fashion Into the Bohemian Style

When I read Judith Rasband’s column on Bohemian style in her August Newsletter, it embraced my feminine soul and I was reminded yet again that my image of femininity is surrounded by flowey skirts, bright patterns and an almost hippy look. Delightfully, somewhere between tradition and trendy, lies the beauty and fashion fun of Bohemian style. Boho is an updated version of Gypsy looks from a century back.  Gypsy’s were said to steal whatever was at hand, including clothing.  They therefore wore whatever they had acquired, generally an eclectic mix of style lines and shapes, colors, textures, and a lot of pattern.


Tasi on left

Today’s Boho look is supposedly a mix of the hippie style of the 70s and an updated version of the gypsy looks from a century ago. The fashion was revived in 2005, again in 2013, and is set to make a comeback again in 2018.

Here’s the guidelines for those with a Bohemian vibe.

  • First words that come to mind are flowey and airy fabrics, loose-fitting styles, sometimes off-the-shoulder.
  • Strong, rich hues in blues, reds, greens, yellow-orange, and purple, but not to the point of neon bright.  Earth tones work too, for a more subtle effect.

Bohemian style outfits

  • Floral and paisley prints, tie-dye, lace, crochet, embroidery, and beading are used in mini and maxi dresses, tops and tunics, paired with flared, tiered skirts, flared pants, culottes, and shorts.
  • Mix textures such as cotton, silk, and linen in clothes; wood, metal, and stones in jewelry.
  • Bohemian style floppy hatLayering is an obvious trait in Boho outfits.  You add layers by throwing on a large scarf, shawl, poncho, cape, duster, kimono, or loose-fitting jacket.
  • Bring alive the bohemian chic look with accessories like headbands, layered chain and beaded jewelry, dangling earrings, chunky and colored bangles or cuff bracelets, broad or embellished belts, ankle booties and over-the-knee boots in fall, gladiator sandals in summer, a fringed bag, and floppy hats.
  • There’s an East Indian and Moroccan influence in the works as well.  But resist the notion of wearing a crown of flowers.  After all, it’s not Woodstock or Halloween

And what is so great is that the Boho Style is so very appropriate to where I live in Merida. Mexican women love color, lace, embroidery, jewelry and of course shoes of all kinds. Fitting in is easy.

Bohemian style Mexican dresses

So leave rigidity behind.  Have fun creating a look that celebrates your take on this eclectic style.  No matter what you put together, the look will be uniquely your own


Now hop over to the Dressing Room in Sister House for a complete review of the Bohemian Style Defined. and then check out our fabulous Boho Style Pinterest board.




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