Why I Love Ebay

Why I Love Ebay

I love Ebay and it all started when I first started dressing. I’d been a sporadic dresser all my life but usually just a piece of lingerie here or there. Then back in the mid-2000s, I had an epiphany after going to a dressing service and the genie (girl) was out of the bottle. I was hooked but how was I to get my girl clothes let alone that perfect wardrobe?

I was not yet into local shopping nor did I want my wife to know, at least not yet. That would come later. So I turned to Ebay. A blessing in disguise, but being “ïn the pink cloud”, I bought way too much before learning more about fashion and measurements.  It’s way too easy to buy and buy based on those lovely pictures and somehow the reality of the garment on you isn’t quite the same. I probably disposed of half my early wardrobe.

You need to learn about sizing and taking your own measurements as fit is critical when buying online. Notwithstanding, you’ll need a good tailor or seamstress too because even the best fit often requires a few adjustments. Clothes are made based on the ideal female figure and few females, let alone a trans girl, have that ideal figure

You’ll want to check out all our articles in the Savvy Shopper in the Boutique. You’ll learn about measurements, mannequins, the value of customer reviews and how to be a picture detective. I also recommend the Crossdress Survival Guide by Renee Reyes and the Womans Sizing’Information from Nancy Wichmann.

When I first started buying on Ebay, probably 70% of the offerings were actual auctions. That has changed as the retailers found the usefulness of Ebay for promoting their products. Now only 30% are actual actions and the number continues to decline. Nevertheless, the bargains are still there if you just look.

Smocked garden dressMy favorite example is this smocked garden dress from Drapers & Damons which consistently sold for $79 for over two years, but once for just a few weeks it went on sale for $14 and I grabbed it. I have a very special garden party where I plan to wear it here in Merida.

Probably 80% of my wardrobe comes from EBay, partially because of where I live or have lived and partially due to the limited offerings in the stores. I wear a 26/28 or 3/4x dress. Try finding that in any department store or Boutique, let alone in a style that is attractive. I can search for 3x dress in Ebay and come up with 1800 offerings. Yes, there are duplicates and yes, I have to cull through them to find that hidden gem, but they are there. So quantity and variety are huge Ebay pluses for me

Then price of course is always an issue for me as I live on a fixed income now that I’m retired and my wife is the money manager which presents its own problems. You can order the presentation of the products by several factors, lowest price being one of them, so it’s  easy to find the bargains. If you prefer only branded products, not a problem either. You may want to read this excellent article by Sally McGraw on Price Vs Quality as price is not always an indicator of quality. And be sure to check our article on Fabrics as it makes a difference whether you are buying silk or polyester. Fast fashion is based on man-made fibers and they have many advantages. Just know the differences.

I tend to buy in spurts and do admit that I use retail therapy when I need a little excitement in my life. At the moment I’m far ahead in purchases that may take me many months to wear as I let my imagination get away from me again. Here are my 7 most recent purchases which cost me an average of $10 each when their retail value is likely between $300-500. Some I just liked and fit well with the fashion here in Merida. Others I had a specific reason for. See for yourself.

casual dresses

Casual dresses
L – Spruce & Sage Geometric Printed Chelsea Dress
R – Simply Emma Women’s 3X Sleeveless Fit & Flare Dress Floral


casual skirts

Casual Skirts
L – Plus Size Flounce Hem Skirt from Avenue Navy
R – Sag Harbor floral skirt new with tags Style&Co 24w snap down shirt


special dresses

Special Occasion Dresses
Top – Fushia and Turquoise blue Paisley Maxi dress
Bottom – Covington Women’s Plus 3X Sleeveless Dress & Ruffle Jacket


Women Half Slip Underskirt

Women Half Slip Underskirt Embroidered Sheer Mesh Vintage Cotton White Petticoat

I bought the slip because it was sexy and I love lingerie with lots of lace and because it will make an excellent dress extender giving me the ability to make a variety of new looks for a-line dresses and skirts and it has that Bohemian feel. Check out this article on slip extenders for some neat tricks in creating a new fashion look. All these pieces bring out that feminine feeling in me and each is striking in its own way. I will have fun wearing them.

Now if you are new to Ebay, or haven’t shopped there in the last 12 months, here’s a special opportunity for you. You can earn $10 towards your first shopping experience on Ebay by copying this link  (https://ebay.us/IG7szv) to your URL box and hitting ënter”. You see what I bought for $10.00. Happy shopping.







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