Wind up my Skirt at the 4XD Movies

Wind up my Skirt at the  4XD Movies

Wind up your skirt at the movies. Sound impossible? Not at the new 4XD movie theaters as that is just what I experienced watching the new Jurassic World movie in 4XD. This new cinema format is breaking all movie attendance in the 5 countries where 4XD theaters now are and Mexico has these theaters.

I was talking to my girlfriend in NJ (just minutes from NYC) and was amazed to learn that movie attendance is way down in the U.S. probably due to the streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and others. Whereas here in Merida, movies are extremely popular. There are 16 movie theaters in Merida and six are within a 15 min drive of my house, three within a 5 minute drive and two of those are VIP or premium seating. And they always are well attended. And while you’ll pay $20-30 in the U.S., they are only 100 pesos here or about $5.

4DX movie theaters are the next-best thing to being in the film. Check out this You Tube 4XD experience. I was wearing an a-line, knee-length lace skirt sitting in the second row of the theater. Here’s a preview of Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom. Imagine the rain blowing in your face or the wind up your skirt or feeling the bumps, jerks, and jolts of the glass ball or trucks as they escape the dinosaurs and the lava. Yes it’s all there and it was captivating for sure


But what an evening starting with drinks at a local jazz club (Gin 47) shared with good Mexican friends. The club has a great group that performs every Wednesday night and I can listen to their lead singer for hours. Gin 47 will be part of Magic in Merida early next year

Gin 47 Merida MX Where to dine before 4XD movie

And then ending the evening around 2am at a late night taco eatery where in Mexico friends and families like to gather. Life is good.

late night taco estaurant in merida mx after a 4XD movie

For more fun times in Merida, see our article on Merida’s PRIDE parade






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