How To Actually Shop For Clothes Online

Do you shop for clothes online because it presents some unique challenges? Carly Christman has  some great tips to help you. Most of my shopping is online so I definitely can say that follow this advise and you will end up liking the clothes you pick and not being disappointed when that package arrives. Anyone been there???

Online shopping can be confusing to figure out if you’ll like what you’ll see and if it will fit you. These tips will help stop you from buying things that won’t fit you + as well as help you find things that you DO want at better deals! How to shop for clothes online + how to dress well on a budget 🙂 These tips also helped me save money instead of buying clothes that I didn’t need.

1. PINTEREST.  Figure out your style by pinning your favorite looks to a board. Know what you want so you don’t spend excess money and so you don’t feel overwhelmed when shopping online

2. KNOW WHAT FITS YOU LIKE.  Know what styles work on your body. I like high waisted pieces vs tight, bandage dresses. When I find similar pieces I know I will like how they look, regardless of the cost.

3. LOOK AT SIZE CHARTS   Look for sizing charts to see if it will fit you / see the real measurements

4. WHAT SIZE IS THE MODEL WEARING? Models usually wear a sample size [2/S] so if the site says that she’s wearing a medium / size 6, you know the item runs smaller and to go larger

5. LOOK AT IT ON THE MODEL. If its questionable on the model, in the photo- it will not look better in person. ask if it looks sheer etc

6. ASK HOW YOU WILL WEAR IT  If you aren’t sure how you’ll wear it now, you won’t be sure how later. You want to buy pieces you can mix and match with your current wardrobe, so if you have nothing to wear with it you probably won’t actually wear it.

7. ASK IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING SIMILAR.   I like to shop online for inspiration on how to wear things I already have or to buy similar cheaper pieces.

8. SHOP AROUND  Get an idea of whats out, see comparable styles, and see if you can find it for less expensive on another site.

9. EBATES.  Save money while shopping and also make money while you shop. All the big stores like Sephora, Forever21, Nordstrom etc. -sites will price match. -sites will have coupons. -cash back. literally giving you money to use them on sites you’d already use.

10. AVOID BUYING FROM SCAM SITES. Those sites on Facebook, no. just nooooooo. bad. Check out our article on TG Forum about Chinese buying sites,

11. CHECK BLOGS.  I’m doing weekly shopping posts on my blog + linking exact items to what I’m wearing in my fashion posts + similar styles at all price points! I’m shopping around online and compiling the best finds so you don’t have to search 🙂

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