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It’s tough maintaining a large website like Sister House and being the primary contributor of new content spread across 7 rooms, each with its own focus and writing monthly columns for TG Forum and quarterly columns for Repartee which are linked to in our What’s New Section. I am blessed with some excellent contributing authors but they have lives to live too so their contributions vary widely over time.

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Dec 14

A Special Tribute to my Sister House Authors

The Sister House authors are a special breed of ladies that bring a unique perspective to fashion, style and the understanding of relationships in the trans and crossdressing communities.

As Sister House grew from its conception more than 5 years ago, I did not understand the many challenges before me. I’m an idea person with a “builder personality” but I soon outstripped my ability to create constant content for the ever-growing sections that became the 7 rooms in Sister House today. Even now I have over 600 items in my to do list.for adds to the site. I’ve had to change hosting companies twice because of my explosive growth. And I’m not a one man army although it seems that way some days.

Hence my invitation to these 12 special ladies to contribute their time and knowledge to help all of us become better women in presentation and manner. Some of the authors are also part of our “Stylish Crossdressers” series but what you need to understand is that it takes a special talent to translate your experiences into meaningful words that resonate with our readers. And it’s very difficult to commit to regular contributions to any publication when life gets in the way as it most often does. Some ladies contributed a few columns and then dropped by the wayside never to be heard from again (not mentioned herein), but most of my authors have stayed the course and for that I am truly thankful to them and want them to know how much their contribution means to me on a very personal level. And since I track readership, you the reader evidently think so too.

You can read all about them in the About Us section on the left sidebar of the Entry Hall and my readership statistics tell me that my readers are interested in who you are. Although I’ve spoken to all the ladies through email and a few over the phone, I’ve not met any of them face to face. If I ever win the lottery, that would be my first bucket list item.

Carollyn Faith Olson

authors Carollyn OlsonCarollyn is a dear friend and the first of my contributing authors. I learned of her through her books, Tricks of the Trade, on Amazon. She has graciously shared her many insights into the feminine world since the beginning of Sister House.

Donna Kelli

authors DonnaKelli

DonnaKelli, another California gal, is our most read author on Sister House as her many adventures encourage all of us to get out to be ourselves in this wonderful world of women. You can follow Donnakelli in the Lounge under Donnakelli and Friends

Nora Simone

Nora Simone

Nora is our resident model and her adventures on the runway and her knowledge of photography and posing have helped many of us in our favorite hobby of selfies. Nora’s column is Photography for the Trans Girl in the Lounge

Kandi Robbins

authors Kandi Robbins

Kandi is another Ohio girl like me and her many adventures as a known crossdresser doing charity work there in Cleveland enthrall us. She absolutely proves that we can and are accepted into the world of women with but a little effort. Follow Kandi in her column Visibility With Style in the Dressing Room

Marie Ann Greene

authors Marie Ann Greene

Marie has perhaps the most emotional and beautiful writing style that I’ve ever seen. You will understand the feelings of being a woman by following Marie’s adventures into the world of femininity. Marie has her own column called Tall Girl Chit Chat in the Lounge

Terri Lee Ryan

authors Terri Lee Ryan

Terri, the ex-wife of a crossdresser, was the first of my female authors. Her insights into our crossdressing world from a woman’s perspective, have been an invaluable contribution to all of us. Her article on 10 Reasons Crossdresser’s Wives Divorce Them has been one of the most widely read articles on Sister House

Teri Lynn Richards

authors Teri Lynn Richards

Teri, having spent her career in law enforcement, is our safety expert, but beyond that her articles on coming out are not to be missed. Terri is also a long time friend from my Yahoo group, The TG Woman.

Cheri Amor

authors Cheri Amor

Cheri is our lingerie lady and our expert into the world of sissification. Her growing up adventures are not to be missed nor her many, many You Tube videos. This woman has more outfits than one can even imagine. Cheri’s column is also in the Lounge under “Growing Up As a Sissy

Lady Claire Stafford

authors Lady Claire Stafford

Claire is another long time friend and the first of our writer”s from that continent “down under”. and has her pulse on the TG life in Melbourne, Australia

Caty Ryan

authors Caty Ryan

Caty is also from Australia  and loves all things feminine, especially classy lingerie and formal gowns, and has a long standing passion for period wear. You can see her in the “Öut and About ” stories in the Lounge

Candy Kowal

authors Candy Kowal

Candy is our insight into the world of the ultra feminine woman and what it means to be a girl’s girl. You can meet Candy in the Lounge in her column “Ön Being Girly

Anna McConnell

authors anna mcconnell

Anna is our second female author, a Transformational Coach & Wardrobe Stylist and the owner of several Facebook groups on fashion and support. We are pleased to now have her most valued contributions on fashion and what it means to be female on Sister House. Oh! and she’s French too.

You can read any of these authors articles by clicking on their name in the About Us section. It will bring up the Authors page with a list of all their articles.