We Want Cute Plus Size Clothes, and We Friggin Want Them Yesterday

Peppermint Iced Tea DressYes, that’s correct. we want to wear adorable shit — and so do a lot of women above a size 10. According to the CDC, the average American woman is 5 foot 4, 167 pounds, and has a 37-inch waist — roughly a size 14. Yet most designer styles top out around size 12. ModCloth has recently become cognizant of this fact, and their plus-size business is booming because of it. Within eight months of introducing their hefty hideaway collections (not what they’re called, but what they should be called), plus sizes represented 8% of their revenue.

Money talks, and thunder thighs walk straight into cuter clothes.  Read what Mod Cloth and others are doing to encourage the growth of stylish and adorable clothes for the size 14 woman and up.

One thought on “We Want Cute Plus Size Clothes, and We Friggin Want Them Yesterday

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