Teen Transvestite Designer to Showcase Fashion Collection

Kieran McEleny with model Dannie Laverick wearing his ‘Asian dress’

Kieran McEleny with model Dannie Laverick wearing his ‘Asian dress’

This is a very amazing young man who’s hoping to bring some glamour to the town of Trowbridge in Lower Court, UK. The young teenager transvestite, Kieran McEleny, 17, is showcasing his first collection of women’s clothing on August 10 to be held at the St James’ church hall on Union Street, at 7pm.

He said: “This is a chance for people to get a taste of my style. “My aim is to get Trowbridge looking fabulous.”. Buyers will be able to create a design with Kieran who will then make the garment.He said: “It’s great to see people come up with their own ideas and to work with them to create something completely unique

Buyers can approach Kieran via Facebook, where he will set up an appointment and have a consultation on what styles, shapes and colors suit them.  .

“I am inspired by the work of Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood – I love the theatrical aspect of fashion.” The pieces of clothing will be for formal occasions although Kieran said he wants to branch out in the future.

he’s also in the process of designing jewellery which will be on sale online.”. And on top of this, Kieran, who attends Swindon Dance Academy, is also producing a dance show based on his experiences in Trowbridge, due to be completed in October.

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