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Real girls are exposed to the whole femme fashion world from an early age, coordinating colours and materials. They can borrow mom’s make-up and play at being grownups, so they have time to develop their own style.

Admiring glance-1For we T-girls, CD’s TG.’s, this is too complicated and time consuming. I’m going to use T-girls as a generic reference. We T-girls on the other hand usually don’t or can’t do this. Once may be amusing but if it pops up a few times, someone will start to get concerned,

“Geez Martha! What the hecks wrong with that boy? Nothing like that in our side of the family!”. T-girls start out by just wearing whatever they can get their hands on care of family members; sisters, mothers, aunties or even that ‘very different brother’!!!!  **LOL**……. No wait, that one is me!

We were just happy swanning round at home in a dress or skirt and top, we learn later. And before I go further, yes, I know, sure, there will be at least one reader thinking, “Well my sister, aunt, mother, and let me do this all the time, any time”.

little-girl-with-make-upWell, that’s nice and good luck to you but I’m talking about ‘most’ families.  Anyway, if you watch a young girl doing this the colours are often overdone and heavy, the eye shadow, lipstick, rouge, not quite clown but not that far from it. The same goes for us, only it’s later, often much later!! My first lipstick application was when I was 16; I also didn’t know that just soap and water doesn’t get rid of all the lipstick! Going to work that day was strange!

This is not a criticism, it’s a simple fact, I did it, they did it, and very few didn’t. We have to learn subtlety. The old adage, ‘Less is more’ applies to this area so much. Remember blue eye shadow layered all over the lids to the eye brow? You Tube ‘The Drew Carey Show’, there was a character called Mimi Bobeck (played by Kathy Kinney), her makeup exemplifies what I’m talking about. Oddly enough in the show Mimi falls in love with and marries Drew’s cross-dressing brother Steve.

A lot of girls don’t know about coordination, mix and match, accessories. As I said we grab whatever we can get our hands on by borrowing or stealing……But no!! Don’t steal. Prison uniforms are so unflattering. We do have so many options, op shops, charity shops, mail order catalogues.

Delivering packageI know some get concerned about a parcel arriving at the door with bright lettering on it saying ‘This dress’, ‘This ladies frilly lacy underwear’ or ‘These stockings and suspender belt’ are for the man named here who is a sissy cross dresser! First of all, get over that, these companies are in business to make money and they don’t care who gives it to them! They are hardly going to bite the hands that feed them by alienating a percentage of a customer base. I know that some companies have expanded their shoe size range because they discovered they had a large, previously unrealized, customer group with larger feet!

The easiest way to learn is not to read the fashion magazines or the windows of up market shops. Definitely not a ‘Pretty Woman’ scenario, although wouldn’t it be great to go in ‘drab’. Ask to try stuff on, the staff look at you and go, “Oh no!” So you go away, get stunningly made-up and expensively frocked up and go back there as Roberts did. Ah me, sorry, my fantasies pop up now and again, live with it!

women shoppingjpgSo, go to the shopping centre, or the mall. During the day, grab a coffee and sit somewhere and just look round, the casual shoppers, the business women shopping on their break. Older women, young women, and this is important! Get the age bracket right! There is nothing worse than a mature aged woman dressing like a teen. That brings to mind an image I have tried to eradicate. Surfers Paradise in Queensland, sun in my face but I could make out the mini skirt and halter-top, big sunglasses and big hair, the skinny legs and high wedge or platform sandals! She was at least 60 years old, or was using a sun bath way too much! Look, don’t jump on me here. I’m not saying some 60 year olds can’t do this and get away with, but a lot shouldn’t! So, ‘Dress your age’!

The other way to learn? Visit ‘Sister House’. Go through the rooms, read the articles, and watch any video clips. Look through the advertisers sections. Ask questions!

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  1. Thank You Claire
    Your article was very good. Its great to find Sisters House were us lady’s can learn about our fem side.

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