Mannequin Madness (Part 2)

Last month we talked about how clothing items displayed on mannequins can look larger than they really are, and we used a scarf as an example.     This month we’re going to give two more example of how misleading seeing something on a mannequin can be.

Turquoise Multi-Strand Necklace - NORTH STYLEIn the first example, we see a lovely multi-strand necklace of blue beads draped around the mannequin’s neck and we visualize how nice it would look lying on top of our dress or blouse.    We imagine it that way because on the mannequin it hangs down considerably from the neck.

When we read the description, though, we discover that the necklace is 18 inches long (plus a 3-inch extender).      If you don’t know your neck size, think about what collar size you wear.   Even if you wear a small size like a 14, you would only have an extra 4-5 inches total, meaning the necklace would hang down maybe 2-3 inches below your throat base.    If you wear a size 16 collar, this would lie slightly below your throat base, and if you wear a 17 or 18 this will be almost a choker-style on you.

Of course you can use the end extender chain to add a bit of length, but there is no way this necklace will hang down on a real person the way it’s pictured on this mannequin.    It’s a beautiful necklace, but just know before you buy that it’s a fill-in-the-neckline style that will lie somewhere near the base of your throat rather than coming to the top of your bust line.

OSP Satin-Lace Panty MannOSP Satin-Lace Panty HumanOur last example is even more startling.    On the left we see a mannequin wearing what appears to be a high-cut panty with string sides, but when we see the same panty on a real person, it become evident that it’s really a bikini that fits very differently that on the mannequin.    (There even seems to be more of the lace trim on the mannequin version, but both of these photos were used to sell the same panty.**

If we looked at all the photos on the page we’d see the discrepancy, but too often we look only at the photo that goes with the color we want and thus don’t see other pictures that would alert us to potential surprises or even disappointments.

 When merchants show their products on mannequins, their intention isn’t to mislead us but simply to  display their products in an attractive three-dimensional form.    It’s up to us, though, as savvy shoppers to always keep in mind that while mannequins may be people shaped, they’re only display tools and not substitutes for real people.     Don’t let assumptions made by looking at a display take the place of thinking about the actual measurements and how an item will fit on a real person.   Without doing the numbers, there’s a good chance you’ll end up disappointed.

And that’s what savvy shopping is all about:  Shopping with our eyes wide open and avoiding disappointment!

 Until next month,

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**This panty was offered by One Stop Plus last year but is no longer available.

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