Fashion Faceoff: Heidi Klum vs. Raquel Welch

RaquelWelch_HeidiKlumI love it. There may be an unspoken rule that once women reach a certain age, they should stop wearing sexy dresses. Well, Raquel just blew that rule out of the water if you believe the majority of the 1300 respondents to this news story on OMG, Yahoo. She beat Heidi Klum hands down in the opinion poll. This lady will forever be a style icon.

I can give you a list of at least 10 ladies 60 years or older who really rock the clothes, so if you have the style and the body to wear it, age makes no difference ladies. Raquel is 73.

What they wore: An animalistic design from Dolce & Gabbana.

When they wore it: The “Project Runway” star rocked the form-fitting dress while judging “America’s Got Talent” in San Antonio, Texas, on March 20. Six months later, Welch wore it to a preparty for the Emmys in Beverly Hills.

How they styled it: Klum added a wide belt at the waist and black peep-toe pumps. Welch went with gold strappy sandals.

Judge’s scorecard: Klum’s belt makes the frock look more casual, as if it were just another hot dress for Heidi. On the other hand, Welch’s unbelted version paired with her voluminous red hair is somehow more special. The older actress handily wins this battle thanks to the va-va-voom factor!

Who do you think is the winner of this cat-print fight?

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