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Whenever you’re shopping for an item online, be sure that you look at all the pictures of the item.   You may know exactly which color you want, but if you only look at that one picture there’s a good chance you’ll miss some important information.    Strange as it may seem, the same piece of clothing can look very different from photo to photo, so before you plunk down your hard-earned money, study all the pictures with the cold eye of a detective.

blouse1blouse2Look at these two pictures of a sheer peasant-style blouse.    In the black one, the fit is very loose and is belted in, and the sleeves also are oversized.    With this sheer fabric the looseness can be a nice look as it allows the eye to see through to the body’s silhouette.    This blouse (unfortunately no longer available) came with its own cami, so the sheerness was not a problem.

In the picture with a zebra print, the fit is entirely different, both through the body as well as in the sleeves, and while it’s still belted, there’s no drape in the shape.    My guess is that the second has been pulled back to make the shirt appear more form-fitting.    In asking myself why, I come up with the answer that maybe the sheer-drape look is better with the solid color than with the print.   That’s just my guess, but it would help me decide which color to order.    If I had only looked at one of the pictures I might have had an unpleasant surprise when my package arrived.    .

chemise1chemise2Another excellent example of this is a lace chemise that we have in our Boutique.     It comes in four different colors, and by looking at all four pictures we can see that the sleeves appear in very different shapes.    In the black and red photos they flare out at the wrist in a bell shape, while in the pink they appear straight and in the blue it’s obvious they’ve been pulled back to appear form-fitting.   If you look closely you can see where her left sleeves has been doubled over.

chemise3chemise4All of the sleeve shapes look fine, but if I had only seen the blue photo I would be surprised to receive a flared sleeve.   If you have your heart set on the blue fitted sleeve, this isn’t a problem as running a seam down the sleeve to take out the flare is a simple task that can be done at any cleaners that has an alterations department.  The point, though, is to be informed before you buy.

Surprises can be welcome but unfortunately too often they’re not.    Looking carefully at all the pictures and reading all the information will help ensure that you avoid unpleasant surprises and spend your money wisely.

And that, ladies, is savvy shopping.

Until next month . . .

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