So You Want the Real Thing – Really

TeriLynnAs cross-dressers we always want a little extra.  We seem never to be satisfied with our current status or condition.  My wife calls it, “Pushing the Envelope.  And she’s right.  For years now, I have fantasized about having real breasts.  Oh the joy of putting on a bra and having to bend forward, like a woman, and allowing the breasts to settle into the bra, then snapping it shut and adjusting it so that is feels comfortable (or at least as comfortable as a bra can feel).  To feel the movement of my own breasts, as I walk or run – oh what bliss!

I don’t know of a cross-dresser who has not had that feeling.  Just to imagine how nicely that blouse would look if the breasts underneath were real.  How natural and wonderful it would feel to have breasts actually attached to your chest, just like a woman, instead of inserts stuffed into your bra.  

For those of you who use nylons or birdseed to pad your bras, I would highly recommend that you buy some quality silicone/jelly inserts.  The difference you will feel and the look you will achieve, are well worth the money.  I started with fiber-filled inserts and was surprised how much better even the low-cost, jelly-like inserts felt.  

To have breasts 24/7 and not having to take them out when you go to bed or take a shower – what a thought.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Indeed it would.  So, that has been my dream for many years. 

So, how to accomplish this dream?  Well, we all know there are hormones we can take, or we can have breast implants.  But, those have PERMANENT results, not to mention, they are costly. 

Oh, how wonderful!  Every dress will fit better and look sexier.  No odd wrinkles showing thru the bra, underneath a sheer blouse.  Just a smooth, perfect bust showing – moving and even feeling like the REAL THING.

Why wait?  Let’s go for it.  What size do I want?  Well, I normally wear a 38-B bra.  If I’m spending a lot of money on this, why not go for something better?  I don’t think that a 38-C is too large.  After all, I do like to be noticed and thought of as a sexy woman, when I’m in Teri-mode.  So here goes!  What joy it will bring!

Just as I was contemplating my desires again, a CD friend offered me her breasts.  Hold on, we didn’t cut anything off.  It seems that my friend, Kay, had bought some rather expensive breasts, which attach to the chest.  To attach them, adhesive strips are attached to the chest.  These strips have Velcro on the exposed side.  The breasts have Velcro molded into them at several spots.  Once the strips are attached to the chest, the breasts are then attached to them.  Very convenient.  The strips can stay attached to my chest, while the breasts can be removed.  So I can wear my breasts as much or as little as I want.  Oh, poor Kay, after spending all that money on them ($750), she discovered that she was allergic to the adhesive.  So far, it has not bothered me.

Now my first experience with “real” breasts begins.  I couldn’t wait to put on my breasts.  I was going to attend a trans-gendered dinner and this was my first appearance with “real” breasts.  With excited anticipation, of what it would feel like and how they would look, I began my transformation earlier than usual.  I wanted everything to look perfect. 

Carefully, I attached my breasts. Oh no, I don’t have a 38-C bra.  Well, thank God for a good-sport wife.  Yes, I could borrow one of her bras.  Thank You.  It was a strange, but satisfying feeling, to have breasts which pulled on my chest, rather than inserts which always pull on the bra-straps.  And once they warmed up, they felt heavenly!  Upon getting dressed in a sexy black blouse, with white stripes, I viewed the results.  It was a bit too drastic a change.  The breasts must be a bit larger than C.  A very generous size C at least.  So, off with the bra, to try something else. 

A long-line bra seemed to be the answer.  The long-line bra held the breasts in closer to the body and they didn’t seem as large, but still felt wonderful.  Off to the dinner.  And the compliments came.  Some, upon being told what I was sporting, even asked whether they could feel how natural-to-the-touch they felt.  After the evening’s fun, I didn’t want to take them off, but the next day was Sunday, with the customary church services.  So now what to do?  I love my breasts, but there is no way to conceal that I am wearing them.  My suit isn’t cut for a 38-C bust, not even for my milder 38-B bra, which I usually wear.  Reluctantly, off they came. 

Christmas school-break was coming up, so, with our daughter coming home, there would be no opportunity to wear my breasts for a few weeks anyway, so the adhesive strips came off too.  It was like losing a part of me.  A dreadful experience after such a high.

Christmas gone, new opportunities arose.  Oh joy, the breasts were coming back!  First thing Monday morning (the benefit of retirement) I had them firmly attached again.  How nice. 

I wonder how many women would love to be able to have the ability to change the size of their breasts, for special occasions – even take them off when they are tired of them?  Novel thought.  This time, the breasts stayed on all week.  Not having to go out to work, I wore something suitable around the house each day during the week.  It was wonderful to truly feel like Teri for an entire week.  It was a very satisfying experience.  Saturday we had our local Tri-Ess monthly dinner.  A nice purple sweater would be just the right item to properly display my new breasts.  (Oh, the last dinner was a different TG group.)

Oh how wonderful I felt.  I truly felt like a full-figured woman, with breasts which moved, looked, and felt like the REAL THING.  Well, this time, when Sunday came around, I again had to remove my breasts.  (I now feel more sympathy for women who have to undergo a mastectomy.)  Not having breasts was an empty feeling.  I missed the warmth, the movement and the feel of having breasts.  And yes, after wearing them for a week without ever taking them off, I sometimes wasn’t even aware that I had breasts.  I just got accustomed to them and they felt like a natural part of me. 

Well, I was prepared for Saturday’s Tri-Ess dinner.  The transformation began early.  For a moment, I forgot that I had on my new, larger breasts and just slipped into the 38-C bra I had borrowed.  After putting on my sweater, I rather liked the full-figure look, so no long-line bra today.  What a difference!   With a regular bra, my breasts were free to do what breasts are supposed to do (well, to some extent), making them appear and feel truly natural.  I was now in love with my breasts. 

How could I ever have been happy without “real” breasts?  And yes, I had breasts 24 / almost-7.  How wonderful it felt at night, to go to bed with breasts, which rested on my chest.  I had truly become attached to them.  The following Saturday I again attended the “other” club’s dinner.  Because this is a different crowd and because I so LOVED the look of my outfit (pictured above), I wore it again.  Yes, more compliments – I felt so feminine!  It was divine!  Another week with breasts followed.

How long can this feeling of euphoria last?  I had now worn my new breasts for two weeks (with the exception of Sundays).  The rainy, nasty weather was a benefit to my new-found excitement.  With such lousy weather, I was not eager to go out to do any of the routine things I normally do during the course of a week.  About the only thing I did outside was to pick up my mail from the mailbox across the street.  I almost forgot my breasts and that the neighbors are always looking outside – better get a loose jacket on to conceal them – darn.

OK, after sitting inside for two weeks, it was time to get out.  Fridays we normally go out for dinner, after my wife gets off work.  Oh – the breasts.  What to do.  Well, I could go as Teri, wear a large jacket, or take them off.  No time to get all dolled up as Teri, and the restaurant might be too warm (due to cold weather) to wear a jacket (and it would look dumb/weird to eat with a jacket sipped up to the neck), so off with the breasts.  Drat!  Why do they keep having to come off?  Can’t anything be perfect? 

A few days later, a break in the weather prompted me to get out for a short motorcycle ride.  Have to keep that machine in good order.  When riding, one must always expect the unexpected, which may include a trip to the hospital.  How would it look, what would they think, to see me lying on the table with breasts strips glued to my chest?  Was I ready for that?  Did I want to embarrass my wife, who may have to visit me in the hospital?  Could I do without the snide comments and whisperings of the medical staff?  Yes!  So, off came the strips.  Bare.  Nothing.  I actually felt cold.  Doesn’t that sound strange?  It felt so different, so empty – but safe.  And a few days later, the weather again having cleared a bit, I went flying.

Flying and riding are my two major hobbies now.  I have been a private pilot for 30 years and like to fly on a regular (at least monthly) basis.  It is not a hobby one can afford to get rusty at.  A very unforgiving adventure, if one is not proficient.  No, I don’t own a plane, so the flying club’s Piper Archer was the next-best-thing. 

Flying is another thing which I cannot/ will not do with breasts.  It’s usually warm in the airplane so a jacket often is not practical; and the office staff would probably wonder why I suddenly appeared so large-chested.  And what if an accident should occur?  All the wonderful benefits of a hospital visit would again have to be considered. 

The thrill of breasts come with costs.  After wearing them for several weeks, I began to think about what I would do in the summer, if I had breasts.  Oh, the winter is very accommodating because of all the clothing I can wear for concealment, when not in Teri-mode.  But summer – how would that work? 

Riding my bike, flying,  fishing – just being outside in the yard or getting the mail — with a heavy jacket — I think not.  So, what would I do if I had  implants or taken hormones?  Cut them off?  Hide inside until winter – not practical. 

After all of the fun and excitement, there comes the realization that everything has its limits.  And maybe, just maybe, having detachable breasts was the best of both worlds – a compromise with which I am extremely delighted.  Oh yes, I hate summers, not just because my breasts can’t be worn, but also because Teri has to hibernate for the summer.  

Well Sisters, I know many of you have craved having real breasts (or a sex change).  I still do, but now realize the downside to such a wonderful situation.  Unless you can live as a woman, truly 24/7/365, before running out to get those implants or hormones, to satisfy your cravings, try what I tried.  You will find contentment can come with more than one option – an option you can live with. 

The other options, in time, may just frustrate you to the point of regret.  And with the option I now have, I still, at the drop-of-a-hat (or bra), can switch totally to drab, I mean male-mode, for those occasions when my wife wishes, and deserves, to see the man she married.  Oh, she doesn’t mind going out with Teri, to the movies or dinner, but such events should not be more frequent than going out with her in male-mode.  Remember, too much of a good thing can ruin everything.   Balance.  Balance. Balance.

Enjoy your feminine adventures.  Enjoy the expression of your femininity.  Enjoy all the excitement of looking sexy and hot in those wonderful dresses.  Enjoy the feel of it all.  Yes, enjoy wearing a bra with nice inserts, or those heavenly attachable breasts and looking and feeling totally like a woman; but before diving off the deep end and getting truly permanent breasts (implants or hormones, or a sex change), consider all the ramifications

I’ve shared my experiences in hopes that it will help you to make a wise and informed decision – a decision you can live with, even if you are “attached” to it. 

If you have any questions, you may contact me at:  Terilynn707@Yahoo.Com or through this group site.



8 thoughts on “So You Want the Real Thing – Really

  1. Wow, Teri. You remind me so much of…of ME! I, too, love to fish, and am a novice flight simulator pilot (I use X-Plane, by Laminar Research), and just got my new breast forms (Nearly Me, from Walgreens Online). What a difference after nearly 35 years of scrimping and birdseed! I like your writing style. Thank you for a lovely story 🙂

  2. Teri Lynne, What moving (literally) insights in to having OUR real breasts…it is every girl’s dream to have HER own breasts. It must be so nice to ask your wife to borrow one of her bras. I think that’s cool where your wife can loan you a bra. I’m sure you’ve both gone bra shopping (one of my favorite activities) with your wife – so much “girly” fun. I appreciate your recognizing and sympathizing with those women who have had mastectomies, what a pity….We should keep all of women who suffer and endure breast cancer in our prayers and thoughts. Finally, I love the real of my breast pads in my bra and when I can just imagine having them 24/7/365. My wife knows I dress and sometimes, after she does the laundry (we alternate at this task), she’ll call up to me and say “Patrice, I didn’t know you bought this pretty blue lace bra – why don’t you model it for me?) After we do our laundry, it is fun sorting out HIS (strange) and HER lingerie. One day, a neighbor saw the pile of laundry, and noticed the two piles, and just smiled at both of us. Mine of course, you could tell, were larger….imagine the neighbor seeing MY panties, bras, slips, stockings, etc. in my pile….. Oh, to be a woman, like we all wish. Thank you, Teri Lynne, for your updates on bras and breasts. Hugs, Patrice

    • PS….I forgot to add, that so many of us “girls” probably wish that we could have gone through puberty and experienced our first training bras. That would have been tremendous.

  3. I agree on several grounds. I still work and need to present as a male. Getting implants or taking hormones is not on the horizon under any circumstances but I do like to underdress. I have worn panties and pantyhose under my slacks for years. Over the past year or so I have added a bra and cami when the weather was cool enough to wear adequate shirts or sweaters to conceal the bra straps. I do not put my regular forms in my bra but have developed a real comfort level by inserting the small ‘chicken cutlet’ size enhancers. They give a little bulk but not enought, in my view, to be a sure giveaway and their modest bulk and weight provides me with a pleasant feel.

  4. I admit being without boobs would be just awful. For some I am sure some silicone in the bra is really just another piece of clothing. Fun to wear stuff! However, if you really want the real deal it’s less about pushing out the sweater and more about personal identity.

    Molly offers some great insight. I might add some of the things you can’t do with real breasts. You are done swimming at the beach as a guy. Showering in the men’s locker room at the gym is probably a bad idea. You really want avoid a wet tee-shirt in the summer. You WILL wear a bra if you run in the Army Ten Miler. Oddly, your will hardly draw notice when you get your EKG with your annual physical. Apparently, smooth and endowed is not as remarkable as you think.

    For those whose circumstances compel them to spend most of their time in guy mode, the real thing(s) can complicate your life. But, hey, life’s complicated anyway!

  5. What a wonderful life experience. I’ve tried large silicone breast forms before and they are heavy. Needed a pretty heavy duty bra to keep them in place but then again they weren’t attachable.

    I have pretty modest breasts from 30 months of hormones. At best a B cup but on my frame they are just lost. By all estimates given my size and shoulders I should be a D cup to balance everything. But they are mine. I still have to add something to get to a 40C or 40D. They are wonderful and perhaps because they are modest relative to the rest of me, I am not concerned that anyone would notice. And if they did, I’d just say they were a side effect of medication I take for BPH-which is true as far as it goes.

    But taking hormones just to have breasts, is fraught with other problems, the least of which is your breasts and whether they’d be noticed. Estrogen is a full service feminiser. It doesn’t discriminate on which female characteristics you will get. You get them all, both physical and psychological including sexual/libido/erection issues. So if you aren’t ready for those changes, then don’t ever think about hormones. Oh, and they take a long time to work fully and you might just end up with something akin to manboobs anyhow. But that is just my perspective.


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