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Putting yourself together in a finished way involves much more than simply choosing clothes and accessories.  We could compare building a “look” to building a house, because both need to begin with a solid foundation.    When talking about appearance, one of the supporting walls is grooming.  The effect of a smashing outfit is totally lost when worn on a body that hasn’t been groomed with care, but for some cross-dressers, maintaining grooming that works for both male and female modes can be tricky.  How soft to have your skin?  How long to wear your nails?  How full to allow your eyebrows to be?  How much hair to remove?   It is this last question about hair that we’re going to talk about in today’s column.  

TGs who also spend serious time in male mode or who have women in their lives who want their man to “feel like a man” have a problem when it comes to hair removal, for having silky smooth armpits or legs can result in awkward questions if you’re still in the closet or at least disapproval if your significant other knows about but doesn’t accept your female side.  How much of this male hair to remove and with what frequency is a very personal decision that depends on each cross-dresser’s individual situation. 

Nose HairThere is a second kind of hair removal situation, though, that lends itself to easy answers, and that involves hairs that shouldn’t be seen in either male or female mode.   Men sometimes get careless about this extra hairiness that occurs as they age, but it’s a look-breaker when you’re trying for a smooth feminine look.  

What kind of hairs am I talking about?  Individual eyebrow hairs that seem to take on a life of their own and are double or triple the length of their neighbors.  Hairs that suddenly sprout from both inside the ears and around their edges.  Nose hairs that see the light of day.   Even excessive hairs on the neck that seem to grow straight out.  It is absolutely essential that these hair situations be addressed if you truly want to present a polished appearance when dressed. 

Can you really imagine a well-put-together woman in a silk blouse, beautiful strappy shoes, and gold bangles on her wrist having long hairs sticking out of her ears or, worse yet, her nose?   The image is incongruous, because that kind of grooming (or lack thereof) belongs with a tattered housedress and curlers on a TV sitcom. 

Conair-TrimmerUnwanted hairs can be as persistent as weeds in their ability to return, but making the effort to keep them at bay is a win-win situation, for not only does your female appearance immediately get a boost but so too does your male-mode one.  Neither mode is enhanced by long stragglers shooting out of unintended parts of your body.    Using a personal hair trimmer should be a regular part of your grooming routing.   (See here for a recommended one)

And maybe we can add a third “win” to the above.  Hair sticking out of a man’s ears and nose has never been a turn-on to genetic women, so the woman in your life will totally welcome your new resolve to be hairless where it counts.  Maybe even enough to lend a hand next time you have a trickier MTF problem to solve!


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