1 in 5 Women Cut Their Labels to Hide Their Size

A FIFTH of women in the UK cut out the labels from their clothes to hide their size, according to research. And the numbers are comparable for the U.S. Why? 70% say out of shame and embarrassment of their size. Only 27% were happy with their shape, and despite a national average of size 16, more than half the women want to drop two or more dress sizes

With London Fashion Week getting underway, there is a move for normal women to celebrate rather than slam their bodies. Dove took advantage of British Plus Size Fashion Week to introduce a new custom measurement tape to tell women they are beautiful, gorgeous, perfect, and real and let them celebrate their bodies.

Research psychologist Dr Phillippa Diedrichs, from the Centre for Appearance at the University of the West of England said: ““Plus Size Fashion Weekend is a fantastic opportunity to showcase greater diversity in the fashion world. Celebrating the natural diversity of women’s body sizes and shapes is a key part of the Dove Self-Esteem Project’s work and is crucial to promoting a culture that helps women feel confident about the way they look and with what their bodies can do.”

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