Makeup Lessons Made Easy

This is simply amazing. Yves Saint Laurent has teamed up with Google Glass to revolutionize makeup counter makeovers. 

Makeup lessons using Google Glass

Photo: Yves Saint Laurent

Makeup counter makeovers can be incredibly enlightening—until you get get home with products in hand and can’t figure out how to do it yourself. What do you apply where? And how? YSL intends to fix this problem with an ingenious new innovation: Google Glass tutorials.

Johanna Douglas, Senior Editor or Yahoo beauty says, “As someone who loves makeup but isn’t always a master with technique, I was intrigued. So I popped by the YSL counter at Bloomingdale’s in New York City to give it a shot. First you select a specific makeup lesson—I picked the “All Day Perfection Complexion” makeover (though the “Couture Eyes” option was tempting). The makeup artist puts on the Google Glass and talks you through the entire tutorial while recording their actions from their perspective. First my artist removed any traces of makeup and layered on a series of face cream, eye cream, and serum with a pampering massage technique. Then he tested out a few shades of YSL’s Fusion Ink Foundation ($60) to find my perfect match, and walked me through the best method of application.

I asked the artist to add a hint of mascara and lipstick before he sent me on my way with a face chart and a video of the entire experience on a thumb drive. When I got home, I was amazed to watch each detailed step. Seeing exactly how the artist applied the makeup from their perspective was like watching a customized YouTube tutorial—just watch and replicated.

YSL is the first beauty brand to use Google Glass this way (it’s only available at their New York Bloomingdales counter for a limited time and will roll out nationwide soon), but I’m pretty sure they won’t be the last.”

Interesting there were many negative comments to the article on Yahoo. Frankly I was intrigued as it has a lot of application for our community. You can see how one salon replicated what YSL did in New York. Talk to your salon and explore the possibilities

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