A – The Stylish Crossdresser

The Stylish Crossdresser

stylish womanWe talk a lot about fashion and style and why having style is important whether you are “in the closet” an occasional cross-dresser out and about, nearly full time or a transitioned girl. You are perceived as you dress and it effects how people treat you. Dressing well and being stylish is worth your time as I know from personal experience.

When I stepped out for the first time I had all the same fears as most, but not once in all the years that I have been cross-dressing in public have I had an incident. I attribute this to taking care to present as a lady whether it was in a casual or a formal environment,  Style is a personal thing and each of us has our preferred look, but those who know the secrets of style are the ones we look up to.

So, now we present to you the Stylish Crossdresser, girls that have mastered the techniques of a womanly appearance in both presentation and manner,  and are perceived as being stylish in the woman’s world, not just ours. These ladies are the style icons of the transgender world and we have much to learn from them.

Carollyn Faith Olson (CA)

Vikki La Fontaine (NJ)

Donna Kelli (CA)

Lady Claire Stafford (AUS)

Diana Renee Baker (CA)

Cheri Amor (CO)

Nadine Spirit (WA)

Candy Kowal (IL)

Rita Doyle (CA)

Nora Simone (VA)

Steffie Michaels (NC)

Hannah McKnight (MN)

Christina Napoli

Heidi Phox (CA)  Coming

Gyllian Symthe (UK)  Coming

Three of our ladies gather in Sacramento

stlish crosdressers in Sacramento CA

2nd from left Carollyn Olson, then Nora Simone and Diana Baker

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