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I am a married Crossdresser with an absolutely wonderful wife who knows all about DonnaKelli….I told her before we were married and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to do because I thought she might not want to continue our relationship…she did and just wanted to ask questions. She understands that DonnaKelli is an integral part of what makes me who I am. My physical statistics are…5-7. 142lbs. Size 6 dress and skirt, size 8 1/2 or 9 shoe…..and I have passed my 60th birthday. I stay fit these days by running ( I’ve always been a runner and martial artist) I do my Tae Kwon do exercises , I’m a 2nd degree black belt. I have worked many years in a male dominated profession and have only recently semi retired.

Donna Kelli closeup

Interview with Donna

What is the secret to great style?  I never thought of it as a secret, style to me is looking “put together” no matter what you are wearing. Great style is individual too, what looks great on one person may look terrible on another, just as colors work on different people so does style. To have great style I believe you need to make it your quest to find what works best on your body type, coloring, and personality. I made it my goal to pick a few women who resembled me ,usually on television and study what they wore and how they carried themselves.

Donna's signature style

What is the one thing you would spend a lot of money on?  Skincare and a good facial salon. I get asked what type of “beard cover” I use or do I use heavy derma blend cosmetics. The truth is I use very little foundation. If you find a good facial salon tell them what you are trying to achieve and most , if not all will welcome you and have a program to get your skin in great shape. We can keep our bodies in shape but if we neglect our skin it starts to neglect us when we want it to look it’s best. The other thing I would spend a lot of money on is good quality leather high heels. Heels are hard to get used to for some people anyway but if you buy cheap ones they can make walking almost impossible. It has been my experience if I pay a little extra for a pair of good quality Aldo’s ,Carlos Santana, Jessica Simpsons…all are good quality but not near what a pair of LouBous’s cost.

What is the one thing you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on?  I don’t spend a lot of money on hosiery and commonly wear L’eggs sheer energy. I know some girls who spend a lot of money on nylons and panty hose but I don’t think it makes your outfit look any better than a bargain brand. I have bought a few pairs of really high quality hose and they usually stay in the drawer because I like the L’eggs.

How do you balance new trends with a more timeless look?  If a trend is, say, watches being larger, I sometimes will match the watch with some silver jewelry that is timeless in style and work the trend into an outfit that has style. In that way you can have your trendy items but still retain your own signature look and style.

Donna-skirt suit and maxi dressWhat is your current obsession?  Jewelry, I have been introduced to Brighton jewelry by my wife and I love to shop in their stores. We have an Outlet mall in Cabazon where my wife and I drive about an hour just to see the clearance tables and items from Brighton jewelry. The other current obsession seems to be with feminine watches, I am collecting them almost at the same rate I used to buy heels at….LOL

Who inspires you?  This question is too easy, it’s my wife. She is an amazing woman and a role model. She is bright attractive funny, witty and smart…very smart with the degrees to match. But with all her attributes she understands girls like us and wants to help. She loves me as a man but loves the woman in me too, just in a different way. She helps me to become better as Donnkelli because she knows that is a part of what makes me the person I am.

Do you have a signature piece or style?  I always carry very nice handbags and purses, nothing looks worse than a great outfit and then the girl puts a 5.00 Walmart bag with it. Sometimes I can get away with wearing jeans and an OK top then couple it with a great Dooney Bourke bag and heels and all of a sudden the outfit is great. My style is probably elegant contemporary and paying attention to the details.

Donna in skirt and jean with large handbagWhat’s your secret to making yourself stand out?  I truly try not to stand out but in our society a woman who has style and takes care of herself does stand out, I get more attention than I want ,when my intention is to just be the best woman I can be. Unfortunately some women take being women for granted and don’t celebrate their feminine beauty. All women can be beautiful in all shapes colors and sizes, but they have to work at it and take care of themselves.

 Donna-different styles

The one piece of advice most crossdressers need but don’t get?  To let go of the fear of being clocked or read while out dressed, I know a lot of people will say that is easy for me to say because I pass fairly easily, but that was not always the case and I had to find my style and my inner girl and let her out. Once you get out you will discover that the woman inside you grows exponentially.

What’s the best piece of style wisdom you’ve ever received?  To buy elegant and timeless wardrobe pieces, shoes, and jewelry that you can use for a lifetime. This means you are of course past the purging periods and have accepted that you are at the very least a Crossdresser and maybe Transgendered, I think of myself as TG.

What is your favorite trend?  Colors in fashion, I love when the seasons change and I see the designers splashing colors all over, I really got into the blue hues and blue blacks last year ….

Donna in blueWhat would you not be caught dead in?  A skin tight spandex strapless mini dress with clear slide in high heels, unless it was part of a costume…LOL

Donna in lingerieWhat are your favorite websites?  Vanity Club (of course I’ve been a member for over 15 years), Tasi’s Sister House, Facebook, Flickr, Just Fab, Instyle,, and for entertainment I like GiGi on YouTube ….she is a hoot and beautiful.

How would you describe your personal style?  I like to think its elegant and sophisticated but not stuffy or arrogant.

Who are your style icons?  I watch women who are my age who look great for their age and don’t give up on being sexy and stylish, Brooke Shields, Paula Zahn, Morgan Fairchild, Kim Cattrall, and rockstar Stevie Nicks….I love her voice and style , and have since the 70’s.

Donna and paula Zahn

L-Donna Kelli and R-Paula Zahn

You can see more pictures of Donna on her Flickr page.


10 thoughts on “Donna Kelli

  1. Hey Girl!!
    Just discovered your page-site and want to say Congrats on doing you! and Thanks for having your wonderful insights-they mean a lot to a neophyte like me.
    I have a few new friends in my life that are 100% behind me and into helping in ways I never thought would actually happen. This “adventure” is scary yet liberating at the same time. Oh! You know what I mean. Can’t wait to start sharing photos with you and the rest of the girls!!

    PS, I think you are So beautiful


  2. Hey Girl!!
    Just discovered your page-site and want to say Congrats on doing you! and Thanks for having your wonderful insights-they mean a lot to a neophyte like me.
    I have a few new friends in my life that are 100% behind me and into helping in ways I never thought would actually happen. This “adventure” is scary yet liberating at the same time. Oh! You know what I mean. Can’t wait to start sharing photos with you and the rest of the girls!!


  3. Quoting Donna, “and rockstar Stevie Nicks….I love her voice and style , and have since the 70’s.”
    I agree completely!. My middle name Rhiannon, comes from the Stevie Nicks song, and, I am IN my 70’s.
    One of the “T” groups here in the Chicago area, Chicago Gender Society, has a float in the Chicago Pride Parade. I intend on being on that float again this year…it will be my 15th. Being in a parade that is watched, live, by close to a million people,( the sidewalks are packed wall to curb, the balconies, and roof tops are just as full, and the crossing streets are full, wall to wall, for a block and a half,in both directions from the parade route ), not to mention those who watch it on live TV, is a deeply moving, and rewarding experience.
    I am 23 years divorced because of my dual gender identities, ” what would other people think “. I am on, the sharp leading edge of what I hope will be a never ending learning curve, and loving every minute of it.

  4. Thank you, Donna for your insight. I’m 50 years old and can only HOPE to look as good as you some day. You are Beautyiful

  5. Oh my, I do adore her style and outlook on all things girly.
    She is one lucky gal to have a supporting wife . I just love her style sense.
    Someone we all can aspire to emulate…thanks Donna for sharing, you’re a amazing person!!

  6. Carollyn Olsen and DonnaKelli, are two TGirls that I have always admired and respected for their transformation abilities and adherence to the classy female look. These two ladies and many as well as many others are my personal inspiration for my male to female transformations and I appreciate both their inner and outer beauty.

    • Thank you for the nice comments about both Donna and me. Knowing Donna, she would agree that we are only doing the best we can with what we have been given. Would love to meet you some day too. Hugs, CC

      • Yes Carollyn, meeting you would be very nice and we have already spoken of that very thing through
        Flickr. I am the Melinda who lives in Cameron Park, not far from your home location. Since opening a Flickr Account, I am absolutely astounded by the number of individuals in the U. S. and around the world that are involved in some type crossdressing. It’s amazing, and for once I don’t feel alone in my endeavor. Thank You for allowing to speak in this forum. XXO, Melinda

  7. Fabulous interview with one of the most lovely girls — inside and out — on the internet. One can learn from reading this interview and through seeing the accompanying pictures the sincerity in Donna’s style and overall appearance to be the best woman she can be. I’m honored to have Donna Kelli as a Vanity Club sister, friend and an inspiration to all. Love to you Donna (your wonderful wife too) and Tasi for posting this helpful feature. Hugs, Carollyn

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