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donna1_opt Hi girls hope all is well and you are finding wonderful bargains and fabulous outfits that fit your style.  This month I’m going to take you shopping with me for a day at the local mall, hopefully it won’t bore you too much. I thought  I should show the hunt for our own styles and the way to achieve them and there’s no better way I know than getting out there and shopping until you find something that is perfect for you.

This is my shop all day at the mall or outlets look, it’s comfortable yet still very feminine, the top is a Daisy Fuentes ¾ sleeve T from Kohl’s, the Capris are Tek-Gear exercise pants from Banana Republic in a dark charcoal print and the shoes are my Skechers memory foam. I wore my Michael Kors watch and a thin silver bracelet to add a bit of feminine style. No hosiery or heavy undergarments when shopping I shop comfortable and light…lots of walking LOL…

DonnaKelli Arriving at Ontario MallHere I am arriving at the Ontario Mills Mall, it was a perfect Southern California day a little breezy, 76 degrees with no chance of rain, high clouds and blue skies…..hey wait a minute I slipped into weather girl mode….LOL..back to style shopping.  Once parked remember look in the mirror remind yourself of that girl in the mirror, its you.

Don’t be afraid to drive to your shopping spots while dressed if you are stopped explain to the nice officer that you are dressed and ask what you did wrong, in most cases they will be courteous and friendly.

Once parked I usually freshen up a bit lipstick mainly, then head for the shops. I arrived and entered through Nordstrom’s Rack and of course had to shop a bit there before walking into the main mall.

DonnaKelli ready to go shoppingInside Nordstrom’s I found too many shoes in the bargain racks all name brand manufacturers at very reasonable prices…the Snake pumps I’m holding (Prada) were nice but not enough different than others I already own to make them worth buying.

I shopped a bit more and left to explore more of the mall, looking for a skincare products and make up.  I headed towards Saks 5th Ave and the make-up counters to see if there was anything I didn’t already own or know about to try and enhance my skin.

At Saks I met a lovely young girl who showed me a product for hands and body to keep skin soft and smooth.

“Barbara” who immigrated here from South Africa, we chatted and she showed me a product to use primarily on hands legs and feet.

The product is called Premier sea-salt scrub and the finishing lotion is milk and honey aromatic butter.  I tried them on my hands and was very happy with the result, very smooth and silky to the touch, I’ll continue using this and report back the results in a later column.  Barbara from Premier graciously agreed to take a photo with me at the Mall, here we are standing alongside the Kiosk from Saks 5th Ave.

donna\kelli with beauty comsultant and products

After the Mall I drove across town to Marshall’s in Rancho Cucamonga.  They almost always have great stuff but you have to be willing to spend time looking through it to find your gems that fit your style.

Here is a picture of yours truly arriving outside the Marshall’s store…it was a windy day…

DonnaKelli arriving at Marshalls and looking at dresses

Once inside I decided to look for tops and dresses since it appeared they had received more of those than anything else.

The dress was nice and the price was excellent, but again it looked too much like others I already possess, this is something I like to call putting the brakes on, if you find something that is so terrific you think you have to have it ask yourself if it is unique and if you’ll wear it, or do you already have a “Go To” dress that is very similar…you still get to shop but in the long run will save yourself some money.

By the way I managed to not buy the dress even though I loved it…sigh….

DonnaKelli back home after day of shoppingI shopped for a few more hours and bought a top in blue that was very similar to one I already own but it was a little different style, clingy and shapely, also the price was a steal at 70% off.

Here I am finally arriving back home from the shopping was War and I’m a good soldier, we found some good things and had a great day doing it.

Some of you girls have asked me what my skincare regimen is, I’m going to include a picture of my products and also remind you that I do visit my aesthetician once a month for facials and peels.  Products are Vital-C liquid (3 drops on face at night),  Olay Regenerist pore scrub (wash before bed) Metronidazole gel (prescription) it helps remove redness and rosacea from your skin, Vital-C cream, Strivectin neck cream (nightly before bed), Ormedic Peptides (morning and night) enhances skin.  This is my custom regimen and works on my skin, if you see a good aesthetician in your area she can help with what works for you.  I also use mostly Smashbox and IT cosmetics currently, although I do own a lot of Mac as well.  You can get these products through our Sister House affiliate links at Sephora.

DonnaKelli's cosmetic products

Here are a couple of pictures of the blue top I spoke of, it is very versatile, I’ll wear it with Jeans, Capris and skirts.  I love the print and color; it is definitely my style.

DonnaKelli in blue print top

Warm Hugs


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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Donna. Sounds like lots of fun. And I love the look you had. Very nice !

  2. Donna,
    What a nice shopping trip. I have done similar trips to Temecula and Palm Springs. I sure would have liked to join you. If you respond to this mail do so at joank is the handle. BTW – Really nice looks
    at vanity club.

  3. Hi Donna – so love your shopping journey and sharing with all of us – how lovely and so very fem you look – a style and class all of your own – Love the column and hope to see more – Hugs

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