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It’s June and summer is here, lots of cool fabrics and fashions all over the malls and catalogs.  If you are shopping for new summer fashions, resist the urge to buy lots of new or “fad” items. Assess your current wardrobe and get rid of what doesn’t work anymore and make room for a few new spring summer pieces.

Casual Looks

I love tops, especially with ¾ sleeves because you can dress them up or down with heels, tennis shoes, jewelry or boots.  Print tops in your colors and lightweight t-shirts (pun not intended) are terrific for summer, they pack easily and look stylish without going over the top.  Generally, if you are on a budget they are inexpensive compared to nicer evening tops.  Consider the venue you are going to and choose your print or fabric.

Here are some pictures of a Daisy Fuentes t-shirt with long sleeves, I dressed it up a bit for the day with Nine West pumps in grey and black snakeskin, I was feeling girly so wanted it to look a bit more feminine and fun.  If I changed the heels for skechers and jewelry it would look more like a daytime shopping outfit and very casual.

The T looks classy but casual, if its rainy or cold this same outfit works with boots.

Donnakelli in Jeans

Here it is with boots, different day but still feminine and classy in simple jeans and T-shirt.

Suit Dressing

Some of you girls are venturing out into the business world and trying to pick suits and tops, I thought I would show you one of my suits with top. There are many combinations but the key items to change the look again is the top and jewelry.  The suit is a simple Jones of N.Y. in black pinstripes, the top is cap sleeves with a v-neckline in a very feminine and colorful print by Kasper. I wore black Nine West 4 inch pumps with it.

Donnakelli in suit and top

The top without the jacket will work if you’re stopping after work for drinks with friends and will appear dressy/casual… I wore this outfit all over a few days ago and everyone who knows me while doing my errands thought I was coming from work… I stopped at the Walgreens drug store to pick up prescriptions and had to shop for my grandson, so I took a picture in the children’s aisle.

Donnakelli shopping at Walgreens

Now I would like to move on to my stylish friends of the month and see what they are wearing for summer fashion and why…


My Stylish Friends

This month I wanted to focus on another good friend who is very much out in the public, has a style that she’s made work for her and is a larger girl who uses her size to enhance her confidence.  Kind of like Big Beautiful women.  I hope you girls like hearing from Annie Smith who I’ve been out with more than once.

Annie Smith:  (full figured Stylish T-girl)

Annie Smith blue dress_

As a full figured T-girl, I try to express myself with a little class and sex appeal. I sometimes choose outfits a little on the edgy side, which allows me to show my curves. I know I’ll never be a size “0” model, but a curvy girl can still appear sexy and alluring. When Victoria Secret sold nice dresses, I purchased this blue one to attend my first Southern Conference  in 2010. I liked the blue color and it hugged my body and curves, while still being a bit modest with the high neckline and long sleeves.

At the Raven conference in Philadelphia, I choose a Lavender Color V-neck wrapped dress with ruching from Venus. This dress was a little more elegant and allowed me to be a bit more daring with the V-neckline, but still appearing classy. I like dresses with a little stretch and in an XL size because specific sized dresses sometime don’t fit as well due to my body proportions as a full figured girl.

Annie Smith at Raven in lavender dressMy casual attire usually involves nice jeans and a cute top. I love the looks with riding boots as they are fashionable and comfortable for shopping, lunch or a walk on the boardwalk by the lake or ocean in the fall. The top is from Venus, the jeans are Jessica Simpson and the boots are from Torrid.

Annie looking casual

All in all, I think you have to know your body type, know what style of dress or casual outfit works for you, as well as your personality to present in manner which makes you feel your best. As stated, a little class, edginess and sex appeal is what I want to portray, just as any woman, regardless of size, wants that little attention, look and gaze from those around her as she walks through life. As I heard another girl say in a TED Talk, “Own It.” Look your best and go out there and change the world.

Annie says, “I am 5’11” (6’3″ in heels)  and eeeek 230 lbs. Size 16-18. Or 1x-2x. Size 13W heels. OMG…. to be a size 6!  

If you want to see more of Annie,  her Facebook page is here.

** This is the end of my column for another month, if any of you wish to see me in a short, albeit silly video check out my Facebook page

I bought a new iPhone and was messing with the video one day while out in the car. I do hope this column is interesting and is providing some style and fashion ideas to all girls who read it, if you have ideas or things you want to see or something you want me to wear or visit more places with me let me know and I’ll do my best to fit it all in my column..

Thanks for reading and as always girls be safe out there…

Many Warm Hugs


Stylish T-Girl Columnist


One thought on “Donnakelli on Summer Fashions

  1. Loving your column,Donna. And your taste in clothes is so similar to mine ! I envy that you look so good and get out . I am still working on getting out more, but the few times have been great ! I can’t wait to see what is coming up next in your column 🙂
    Oh, I checked out your Facebook page also. Very nice pictures and loving your outfits.


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