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Hi Girls sorry for this arriving a bit later in the month than usual but life happens and it seems a lot of it happened in my family over the last month, But all is well and we are practically back to normal. So I want to talk about some great style ideas for summer.

I have been watching all the trends and changes in fashion over the last several months and something that never leaves us are great tops and jeans, these are kind of our fashion staples to build from.   Even in the hottest of days in Southern California I see many women dressed in stylish jeans and all varieties of tops, usually T’s and tank tops. Note from Tasi: Also check out my column on Forever Fashions in TG Forum for that jeans and tops look.

I recently purchased 3 tops from New York & Co. in Victoria Gardens on sale and marked 50% off the sale price…I almost thought they would owe me money after all the deductions…. Here is a pic of one in very neutral tones, I will wear it with jeans and skirts, able to dress it up or down.

Donna's summer tops

I know all of you girls have special events coming up, I have a few as well, I’ll be attending the River City Gems “Sparkle” event on October 8th again this year in Sacramento California, as well as an event in Las Vegas on August 14th  3:00pm  at the MVIG Cultural center to see David De Albas show. He will do many of the acts he performed at Finocchio’s in San Francisco years ago.  David is a very talented female impersonator and a wonderful friend, if you have the chance to see him perform I highly recommend it.

David De Albas

I thought of wearing a little black dress for the show and am possibly going to wear this one because it appears a little retro like something from the Finocchio’s night club period in San Francisco.

I love the dress because it has a 60’s retro look with Polka dots and the large three button collar.  This is another dress from the website that makes the dresses I referred to as “Weather girl” dresses in a previous column.

Donnakelli in her little black dress look

The dress was very reasonable and fit perfectly, however if you buy from them plan on the dresses being slightly smaller than your normal U.S. size.  The companies name is Homyee and they are available on

My Stylish T-Girl friend of the month is Diane G. She is a close friend and a very stylish dresser, Diane makes almost anything look ultra-feminine.  I think you will see why.


Diane G.  Stylish T-Girl for July:

My tastes in outfits lean towards looking classy but with an air of mystery and sexiness. I wore this purple dress for an evening out for dinner and some dancing afterwards. This shade is not commonly worn (as compared to black or red) and thus made it stand out in the crowd. The satin-like fabric is shiny and simply glows under evening lights, especially on the dance floor. The dress also narrows around the waist and this helps accentuate the feminine figure. Most would think wearing black nylons is sexy,  In my experience off black looks better. In this instance, black did not look right with purple. Instead very sheer nylons in mocha or gentle brown color were perfect  for my “classy but sexy/mysterious” look.

In my experience, this color always looks great on my legs for most of the time. It’s no wonder that my drawer is full of sheer nylons in gentle brown. The heels I chose were calculated to draw attention to my legs. These classic clear plastic 4 inch heels definitely draw the eye to the legs and make them appear longer because of the unbroken lines. Since I am not very tall at 5’4″, these heels contribute to the illusion of height. another reason I wore the clear heels (despite the risk of looking cheesy or outdated) was because they work with almost any outfit. Usually when I am in a dilemma on what heels to match with my outfit I choose these heels, they always look great in photos. With purple apparel, wearing black heels seemed boring. With a semi-modest purple dress coupled with sheer nylons and sexy clear heels, I am all set for the evening.

Fashion/style is a personal choice. What works for me might not work for another person. However, it is useful to have a philosophy or dressing style as a guide to mint that signature look.

You might wonder why this photo shows me holding a cellphone. The reason is because it makes the shot look more natural and would tell a story. plus I really had a call to answer.

**Thank you Diane, girls its time for me to wrap this column up if any of you have style ideas for summer or thoughts about a “Special” topic you would like to see please contact me.  As always be safe out there.


Sister House Style and Fashion Columnist

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  1. Two of my dearest friend, Donna Kelli and Diane Grace…a fabulous and beautiful Hall of Fame “double-play” combination. Thanks for the great information, as usual, and for giving David a plug too. You two are the best. Love, Carollyn

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