Summertime Hair Care

Mellissa LynnIt’s summertime, girls, and I want to remind you all about something.  IT’S HOT!  And what happens to your hair when it’s hot?  It gets oily from sweat.  That sweat not only stays in your hair, but also can clog your scalp pores.

One major effect that a dirty scalp is that hair doesn’t grow as well.  In fact, clogged pores can cause temporary or even (in extreme cases) permanent thinning of the hair!  So what do we do about this?

First of all, we can shampoo more often.  That has its own downside, as too much washing of hair strips too much oil, and some of that oil is necessary for your scalp’s health.   Personally, I try to not shampoo more than every two to three days in the summer, and have gone as much as five days in wintertime, depending on how much oil buildup I have in my hair.

The second thing we can do is try a clarifying shampoo.  These are shampoos designed to remove product and oil from the hair.  Obviously, if shampooing too much with other shampoos is too much of a good thing, this would be even more so.  Use a clarifying shampoo no more than once a week, tops.

A third solution, and possibly the best, is to use a dry shampoo between actual washings.  These will absorb excess oils without taking too much away, and don’t leave a lot of residue.  Best of all, they are inexpensive (always a concern of mine), and easy to find.

On to conditioning!  Remember not to use too much conditioner in your hair, as it will cause its own buildup.  Also, you shouldn’t apply it too close to the scalp; there is already plenty of moisture coming from the scalp itself.  Conditioner is best when applied from roughly mid-strand to the tips.

All right!  The hair is clean and conditioned..but it’s still wet.  What now?  Well, it’s my advice, especially in summer, to air-dry if possible…unless you’re a frizzy girl.  For you, air-drying is NOT an option, unless you want to look like a cheese puff!  Not such a great look for most of us, I think you’d all agree.  I have stick-straight hair, so generally I let it do its own thing after I shampoo.

Of course, if you’re doing a style, that’s a different story.  Heat will be required.  Use your hair dryer as sparingly as possible, and remember, never linger in one spot for too long.  Not only is this unhealthy for the hair, but can also cause your scalp to get too warm, and that’s generally painful.  To get extra volume, try the simple trick of flipping your hair upside down and drying at the roots, blowing toward the ends.

When your hair’s dry, assuming your dryer has this, give the hair a shot of the cool air.  This will close the cuticles and seal the moisture into the shaft.  And your scalp will enjoy the coolness!

On to styling!  Remember to spray yourself with a heat protectant before curling or flat-ironing.  Excessive heat dries out your hair, and the straw look is generally out right now.  Also, remember that hair doesn’t like excessive heat, and will cook right off your head if not treated gently! Try not to exceed about 410 degrees Fahrenheit,but don’t go lower than about 370 degrees, as it isn’t how enough to work.  Most commercial curling irons and flat irons aren’t adjustable as far as temperatures, so this may be useless information to many of you; if you have an adjustable iron, though, please remember this.

To close, I’d like to share a couple of simple curling tips with you all.  These are fast ways of doing your own hair when you’re in a rush.  Remember, that iron is hot, so be careful when you’re doing this!

To run some fast curls into your hair, start by putting it up into a high ponytail.  Split the pony into three to five sections, allowing for how thick your hair is.  Remember, when using a curling iron to curl your hair, it is better to start at the middle of your hair rather than the end. This will make your curls last longer.

Curl each section, remove the ponytail holder, and give your head a good shake.  The curls will fall around you and be fabulous.  You’ll be stunned at how simple this is, and how great it looks when you’re done!

As always, if you feel you have input to add to this article, please, please, PLEASE feel free to write me!  Write to me at  You can hit me up on Facebook; my username there is Mellissa Lynn.  I ALWAYS answer any and all mail I get, so feel free to tell me about anything you want to chat about!

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