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009_optYour face and body language is often the difference between perception and reality and takes both understanding and practice.

Its another one of your days or evenings out, going to dinner with a friend, to the movies, or just   window shopping at the mall. You want to give yourself plenty of time to put on your make-up, do your hair and start the always painful process of selecting an outfit.  Some helpful tips here and here.

Like you’ve done many times, you sit in front of your vanity mirror,  shave or wipe your face clean and begin the meticulous job of transforming that male face into that of a beautiful female. And you don’t  want to skip any minor detail. The foundation, the eyes, the blush, the lipstick. What color will go better with the outfit you’ve picked to wear, etc. Now you’re finished. Ah! Better check on the long mirror,  do minor adjustments, and …voila!  You look gorgeous you say to yourself.

Take your car keys and head for the door, walk towards the car parked on your drive. Walk? You forgot that you are now a woman, in high heels and are walking briskly like a guy,  hoping none is out there  playing with the children or walking the dog.  Did any of the neighbors catch you ?  Is that Joe? Joe in drag? What was that? Who is that?

Now you are pulling out of your drive. Your curious neighbor is still looking and wondering.

You don’t want to make eye contact, but you want to drive out carefully and can’t help turning your head, manage a nervous smile toward that person and take off  fast. Good thing that nobody was behind you because that would’ve spelled disaster. What happened is that you had not rehearsed for the part of acting like a woman. The walk, the way a lady gets in and out of her car, the way she gives a friendly smile to someone looking at her. You forgot the face and body language of a woman. And that  is giving you away, you are now being read!

OK. maybe you don’t care at all if other people sees you as a guy in drag.You are a crossdreser and all you want is the thrill of wearing make-up and women clothes, and just don’t give a s…..what they think.

But if you are serious about wanting to be perceived as a real lady. And I mean that in the real sense of the word, you must learn to, walk, talk, smile, sit cross cross-legged, look at people who are speaking to you.

Crossing your legs while sitting or standing is a simple art.

Rita crossing her legs while sitting

other women crossing their legs while sitting

Rita crossing her legs while standing

All this is an art. Yes, an art. You are not a real woman, and you are not naturally effeminate like some guys are since they are born, so you need to act.  O.K, you may say:  “I am not a female impersonator, and I am not an actor”  But you really care about passing well as a woman, at the restaurant, the theater, the supermarket. And you want to enjoy that female feeling. Don’t you?

Even though  due to so much media exposure transgenderism is today a well known subject and many people don’t care if they see someone who is obviously a guy in woman’s clothes, but you still may not want to draw attention from others who are still very curious when they see one of us.

Something to consider is that not all TG’s have the female physical attributes that would help, but nevertheless you want to do your best to be seen as a member of the opposite sex. So before you venture out, study female face and body language  and rehearse until you feel confident with your femme persona.


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  1. One of the issues I routinely have with crossing my legs, especially at the knee, is those troublesome bits between our legs that just do not tuck away all that comfortably. There is a reason men tend to spread their legs. It is more comfortable. One of my postOp friends said one of the biggest unexpected changes she noticed after she healed up was how much easier it was to cross her legs. That is why i prefer to cross ankles or sit on my leg tucked under.

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