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This month I’m going to talk about special event dresses since I attended one in August and have two more approaching in October. I’ll also talk about the make-up and jewelry to accessorize daytime into evening.

On August 8th I attended the “Golden Years of Finocchio’s” presented by David DeAlba who was a headline performer at Finocchio’s during the 60’s thru the 90’s.  The show was presented at the Cultural arts center in Las Vegas and was filmed by a team of videographers from San Francisco to document and archive the Landmark and culture that Finocchio’s brought to San Francisco.  The show was fabulous below are some pictures taken after the show with David DeAlba, Michelle Popkov, Grace Ariella and our friend Bobbie…. David had just finished the show with his famous Liza Minnelli impersonation.

Donna and friends with David deAlba

L-R David DeAlba (as Lisa Minnelli), DonnaKelli. Michelle Popkov, Grace Ariella

For the event I decided to wear my Black and purple fitted “Weather Girl dress” I wore Black 4 inch Calvin Klein pumps, black hosiery and silver jewelry. For a daytime event it was just enough style and elegance without wearing the traditional Little Black dress.  Michelle decided to wear a summer flowing gown since it was 112 degrees outside and paired it with gold sandals, our friend Grace wore a white sheath dress with beige 4 inch sandals that looked simple but stunning for the occasion. After the show we all shopped for a bit and settled in for some good chat and a glass of wine.

Donna and friends

Left – DonnaKelli and Bobbie Vance, Right – Michelle Popkov, Grace Amor, DonnaKelli

This month I decided to shop for some dresses in the Venus catalog, be careful of sizing and if in doubt call and ask them about the garment.  I bought two new dresses, the first one has a black top with gold zipper in front and a gorgeous maroon tan and brown skirt, it looks very much a fall dress in all the right colors.  I bought a necklace and bracelet specifically to wear with this dress and love the way it all looked together. I wore it out for the first time in Vegas on a Saturday evening with Michelle and Grace, it got a lot of attention.            

New Outfits

Donnas new outfit

The second dress I bought from Venus is in browns and blacks with a mock wide leather belt in the front with an attached belt that ties to the side in a bow. Both dresses work well with gold and fall color jewelry

Donnas necklaceHere is a close up picture showing the jewelry I bought for the fall color dresses.  The Jewelry was purchased at Chico’s.  If you’ve never shopped at Chico’s their sizing will fool you because I normally wear a size 6, but in Chico’s I’m a 1 or 0…talk about making a girl feel good about herself……  My make up for the events was Smash box Raven eyeliner top and bottom, cream and lavender powder shadows, medium brown brow builder by IT cosmetics, IT mascara and medium IT foundation.  I wore my make up a little softer during the day and added liner for the evening with just a hint more shadow.

I hope you girls enjoy this column and the information it presents, next month I want to discuss more on girls getting out for the first time and confidence.   I don’t believe any girl should be locked away from being seen.  I know when I get dressed I want to get out there and be seen with my girlfriends….

This ends yet another month’s column, I truly love the time I get to spend with you girls here.  This month’s visiting T-Girl is none other than Michelle Popkov herself.  She is a Tall T-girl and is going to share some tips about dressing when you’re a taller than average girl, the confidence she exudes when out with her is nothing short of amazing. Here’s Michelle.

Visiting Stylish T-Girl of the Month….Michelle Popkov

Michelle and I have been friends for a few years, she has a special ability and attitude she uses to bring out her inner woman even at 6-4…Here is Michelle’s fashion tips for the taller woman.

The first picture is a Gown.  I chose this one because I wanted to illustrate the corset.  This is clearly a custom gown, and something as ornate must be done custom.  I have a long torso and I am 6’4″ tall.  So no “off the shelf” high-rise corset will ever work for glamour.  This one was designed by Ann Grogan, of Romantasy, San Francisco.  We added the black peplums to the corset and skirt last year, and I modeled this one on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

Michelles gown and leather skirt

The next selection is the leather slacks.  This is a coordinated outfit from Venus.com.  Note that with many fashion pants, the legs are not long enough to reach even high heels.  So I usually wear fashion boots.  This prevents them from looking like “high water” pants.  With many skinny jeans, I either wear them with boots or I’ll wear sandals, and they will seem to be Capri pants.  Either way, I am showing off my figure.  Note that if you show your calves and ankles, make sure they are shaved, tanned, or oiled up with lotion, and make sure you get a pedicure and polish the toes.

Next is a business-like suit.  This is basically a pencil skirt, and puffy blouse, and a jacket.  I got all three from Suddenly Femme.  The outfit can be worn with or without the jacket, and looks great.  I wear hosiery and conservative pumps with this outfit, and it works for formal (“professional”) situations.  (Suddenly Femme makes women’s styles for men.  I recommend this approach for novices.

Michelle Popkov business suit

The final set are cocktail dresses.  I got them all from Venus.com because the sizing is very consistent.  I have never sent anything back to them for size issues.  Now what all these have in common is that I worked my figure assiduously.  For all my outfits I wear a Veronica shaping garment from Classic Curves International, and for these dresses I wear a corset underneath my all-in-one shaper.  This all makes a smooth line and a dynamite figure.  (When I wore the blue dress at a club, one of the patrons came over to my table and said “Nice ass!”)


Michelles cocktail dresses

Being tall requires a lot of thought in outfits.  Pencil Skirts and tunic tops are my main staple for separates.  I buy a lot of body con beach dresses for the summer, and they are cool and sophisticated here in Las Vegas.  I look for longer length dresses (mostly from Venus), and they tend to end up above the knee, but they are not so short that I look like a tart   Remember that clothes are just one part.  Does your hair frame your face nicely?  Do your legs look great with or without hosiery?  Is your jewelry properly coordinated with your clothes?  Do your shoes/boots make sense?  Is your makeover appropriate for the time of day or outfit?  How’s that figure?  Do you have polished nails?

Girls I’ll see you next month with another Style column and will try to focus on girls who want to take their first steps out into the world, remember you have as much right to be anywhere dressed as your authentic self as anyone else in the world…..and to look fabulous while doing it too…as always be safe out there…

DonnaKelli, Style Columnist


2 thoughts on “Special Event Dresses

  1. Donna, I can so relate. I have a royal blue dress that is so special to me. Whenever I wear it I feel so completely like a woman. One of my role models was a woman name Lita that I had worked with several years ago. Always a classy woman. Perfect hair, makeup nails and dressed to the nines at all times. She loves being a woman almost as much as I do. *g* She was the executive secretary for the CEO. I admired so much. I would emulate her on the weekends. I’d spend hours getting ready. My nails had to be perfectly polished in a classy red like she always wore. Silver dangly earrings that sparkled in the light when I’d move gently brushing my neck. Reminding me that I had become a classy woman too. And heels, she always wore 4″ stilettos which I wear exclusively when I dress I greatset dream would be to reveal myself to her as a woman. Sadly., because of work I can’t see that happening. Well, so much for that. I’m so proud of the woman I’ve become even though she only gets to dress on the weekends.

    Bye for now,

    Your new girlfriend,


  2. Donnakelli you’re a stunning looking girl, love your taste for clothes and jewelry, admire your sense of style. I am also attending Sparkle’s next month, hope to meet you there.

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