Vegas, Here We Come

Hi Girls. It’s been awhile since my last style column and a lot of things have happened and a lot of new dresses and accessories found their way into my closet.  I made a trip to Las Vegas in January 2017 to see Celine Dion perform at Caesars so wanted to wear something appropriate,  I took two evening dresses one black with gold in the fabric by and the other a blue and gold dress by Elacacentro.

Donna's Las Vegas trip 1

L to R Stephanie, Donnakelli, Lynnea, Heidi Phox and Nikki

In this picture I’m wearing the black and gold dress with Guess black and gold 4 inch pumps. The jewelry is a simple gold pendant from Brighton and gold hoop earrings.  The Blue and Gold dress from Elacacentro is worn by Lynnea in the center of the picture. Photo was taken prior to entering the concert, Celine Dion was fabulous if you get to Vegas and have the opportunity do see her show do so.   The other picture (right side) was taken at the Cosmopolitan, it appeared that the 50 foot woman had left one of her shoes behind so I snapped a picture with it.

We found a wonderful place to shop if in Las Vegas called the Las Vegas Indoor Swap. It’s filled with all sorts of clothes jewelry and 3 different wig shops that stock a large variety of hair pieces.

Donnakelli in Las Vegas

On left, Stephanis Wardlow, DonnaKelli and Heidi Phox at the Vegas mall.

Shopping in Vegas I wore skinny jeans from N.Y. & Co. a sweater shirt from Kohl’s , a pair of boots by Fergie and carried my Coach purse.  It was cold in Vegas so the Sweater and Boots were perfect for the day.

We all got together with other girls for dinner at Capo’s speakeasy in Vegas, it’s a terrific Italian restaurant with a gangster theme.  I wore my Black and White sleeveless dress from dress barn with silver jewelry from Brighton and black Michael Kors 4 inch heels.

Donnakelli in Las Vegas with friends

L to R Michelle Popkov, Stephanie Wardlow, DonnaKelli, Bobbie Vance, Diana Baker, Heidi Phox and Kelli Perry.

As you can see all the girls were dressed well for an evening out.

Moving on I had a visitor from Oregon staying with us and decided to show her a little bit of Los Angeles, we went to the Rockwell Theater and music club in Hollywood for a night out.  I wore a Gold knit top from and a black skirt from Guess with 3 inch heels by Nine West.

donnakelli in los angeles

Left side: L to R are Lynnea, Gina Lee and DonnaKelli. Right side: L to R DonnaKelli, Linda Ronstadt and Lynnea

We went back to the Rockwell to see Robyn Clark do a tribute show to Linda Ronstadt, she was excellent and posed for the picture above right.  I wore skinny Jeans from NY & Co. a print top with a cowl neck and Grey Nine west snake pumps.

I took another picture while there that evening with someone you may recognize, he actually got up and sang some Frank Sinatra songs and was quite good.. Think “Happy Days”  Ralph Malph….it was Donny Most… from the series Happy Days.  He graciously took this picture with me after performing.

Donnakelli and Donny Most

Donnakelli and Donny Most

Also Girls I have been taking dance lessons, yes dance lessons, and loving them. The picture is Donnakelli and Lynnea after line dancing classes shopping at the mall at Old Navy.  As you can see from the bags we found lots of great bargains and clothes.  I wore my Loose western look top from Vegas mall with jeans and boots. Usually for class we wear Nike stretch pants and Nike or Reebok T shirts with Skechers…

Donnakelli and Lynnea

Donnakelli and Lynnea

The Blue dress with white trim is from Homeyee where I have always bought the “Weather Girl dresses”. I wore it with Silver jewelry and black Nine West Pumps.  The other photo is taken in front of Dressbarn.. I’m wearing black skinny jeans from H & M and another animal print top from The boots are from Just Fab and the purse is a Jessica Simpson in Taupe to match the boots.

Donnakelli out shopping

OK girls I’ve almost caught up and left many things out but have to wrap this up for fear of going too long. Lastly I made a trip to the Pacific Northwest ,Portland Oregon to be precise, to visit my friend Gina Lee.   We went to the 1905 Jazz club in Portland  and listened to some fabulous jazz artists with some good friends..its a wonderful place and I recommend it highly if you enjoy live jazz.

Donnakelli in Portland
Then finally after a week of fun we finished with an evening at El Gauchos in Portland Oregon, this restaurant is very nice and you can dress for dinner if you like.  The bars are wonderfully decorated and there is soft live music with a very friendly staff of waiters , wine stewards and bar tenders.  I wore my Black and White “Weather Girl dress” from Homeyee with silver jewelry from Brighton and simple 4 inch heels from Calvin Klein.  Below is a picture of Gina Lee and DonnaKelli in the Wine storage area of the establishment. The Concierge graciously took the picture and suggested the background for it.

Donnakelli in Portland

I hope you enjoy the fashions and locations , I will try to keep you up to date with all my fashion finds and travels to different clubs malls and theaters…and of course what I wear and where you can find it on the web.  Please let me know if you have ideas or places you would like to have me visit and I’ll do my best to accommodate requests.   I will be doing a one on one interview with David DeAlba of Finnochios fame soon and it will appear here at Sisterhouse.  Also my wife is in the process of writing a piece on being married to a transgender person from a wife’s perspective.  She has met several wives and has become good friends with many.  Understanding is a very precious thing. We marry for better or worse and being transgender isn’t worse, it’s just different, and we are all different in many other ways.


As always girls please be safe out there..

Many Warm Hugs,


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  1. Thank you for writing and sharing your fashion adventures with all of us. You are most certainly an elegant ambassador for our community. I hope to see you this fall at our Sparkle event.
    Sending love,
    Dianna R

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