Summer Shopping and Fashion Finds

Ladies – It’s been awhile since I penned my last column and a lot of summer shopping and fashion finding has happened, so let’s get right into it.

The outfit I’m wearing in the picture below is from NY&Co., the shirt is a button front pinstripe with roll up sleeves, the jeans are NY&Co. skinny denim pinstripe crop, the shoes are taupe Michael Kors pumps and the purse is a Jessica Simpson I found on sale at Marshalls.

I dress this way or in a similar fashion to go shopping or just out for the day with friends and have found this to be a good look for going almost anywhere. Of course dressing for the evening or parties is another story and another outfit.

Donnakelli summer shopping outside Dressbarn

I went shopping for a dress with a peplum skirt look and the pictures are of what I found at DressBarn.  The dress was on sale which is something I always like and it has a very nice black/white/grey pattern on the top which makes it appear as two separate pieces with the peplum.

Donnakelli in peplum dress

The photo is taken outside of Dressbarn, I went inside and the salesgirl remembered me and the dress, while chatting with her a woman walked up and asked if the dress I was wearing was from Dressbarn, I told her yes and she bought the last one, lucky it was her size.  I like the style and feel because you can wear a dress like this to many places and look well put together. The shoes are black Calvin Klein 3 ½ inch pumps, the watch is Michael Kors from the Outlet mall in Cabazon Ca. The purse is from Calvin Klein, also from the Outlet mall.

If you haven’t shopped at a Dressbarn, you might enjoy this video

I do work out and have bought many things from the Nike Outlet store in Cabazon Ca.

summer shopping - Donnakelli in Nile pants and top

In the photos above I am wearing a pair of Nike Stretch exercise pants with the matching top, the top is a very light breathable material. And of course, to complete the outfit a pair of Nike Air running shoes also in a purple design.  On this morning, I was dressed and ready for my dance class, most of the women wear something similar or loose sweats and T shirts (I’ve done the same thing at times).

The class is line dancing, current dances and some salsa, it is a great hour work out. There are 16 women and no men in the class, however men are allowed we just don’t have any…. although we do get many kooky looks at the window watching while we’re stretching and dancing..LOL. And of course, I went shopping and running errands after class.

The dress I’m wearing in the photo below was also purchased at Dressbarn ( I bought 3 – I’ll save them for another column) it’s a simple black and white pattern and is a very soft and light fabric.  The shoes are from Classic Pumps and are fabulous Spanish leather 3-inch heels. I have three pairs of Classic pumps and they are some of my most comfortable and stylish heels. The watch is from Guess the jewelry is from Brighton and the purse is a Calvin Klein handbag.

Donnakelli dressed for office party after summer shopping

L to R Gretchen {RN Laser Tech), DonnaKelli and Dr. Sharen Jeffries

I was dressed for my Dr. friend’s office party ( late June) and fit in very nicely with the other 50/60 attendees.  Dr. Jeffries has these office parties as a way of getting better acquainted and demonstrating some of the facial technologies available for men and women, however its almost always just women.  Her office is Sage Premier Cosmetics in Redlands, Ca.  I have been a patient of hers for at least 10 years, Sharen and her staff are very professional.

fashion - Donnakelli in black and white print dress for office party

I wanted to focus a little more attention on the pumps I was wearing from Classic Pumps, below are some pictures of the heels.  They are truly a very well-made shoe and some of the softest Spanish leather.  They carry many styles and colors; however I lean to the more professional pump styles.

Classic pumps sell a very unique and wonderful thing to carry in your purse, if you’re like me when I spend good money on a pair of really nice heels I don’t want them getting scuffed on rocks sidewalk grates or if you have to walk in grass or gravel.  The item is called Solemates and is fitted to the bottom of the heel it goes on very easily and removes just as easily.  I carry a pair of clear (they come in colors) in my purse just in case I need to protect those valuable and feminine heels. I also carry a purse holder for tables in my purse, but alas that’s another item I’ll cover in next month’s column.

summer shopping for shoes for Donnakelli

Lastly for this month since it’s been summer and hot I thought I would do a summer outfit other than a T shirt and shorts…LOL…which is what we get a lot of here in So. California.

In the photo below I’m wearing a blue polka dot peplum style top from, the white Capris pants are also from

summer shopping - Donnakelli in white capris pants and peplum top

I wore this outfit to our local mall shopping and then to the Movies (We saw Baby Driver)…so the point is dressing casual doesn’t mean you can’t still be feminine and appear put together.

These photos are just some other ideas and outfits I’ve put together during my summer shopping. The blue print top is from NY&Co,  the green print is from Ann Klein at the mall, the white Capris are and the tan capris are from NY&Co.  The sandals are from Fashions Girl and JustFab.

fashion - Donnakelli in white pants and dark top


DonnakelliHope I didn’t go too long and that these fashion ideas are interesting for many of you.  I know we all have our own fashion styles and ideas that work for each of us so if you take away one or two things from this column that work for you it makes me smile.





Please have a wonderful summer and I’ll see you again in a few weeks.  As always be safe out there..

Warm Hugs,


Sisterhouse Style and Fashion Columnist

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