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I have been asked by many girls online and in person where to find the weathergirl look dresses, or as some of my friends have been calling them, the “DonnaKelli dresses”, I appreciate the thoughtful compliments but cannot take credit for the “weathergirl look”, but I did participate in spreading it quite a bit.  A girl I met at an event said she could not find the dresses so she did a Google search for “DonnaKelli Dresses” and the Weathergirl type dresses came up.

This is the way it began and how I got involved.  A longtime friend of mine, Lena sent me the idea and said, “Donna, if I were still in the game like you this is something I would go for”. That phrase has been etched in my memory because although we had several communications after that Lena took ill and passed away leaving the world without her bright smile.  She had suggested I look into an Ad for the dresses she found so I bought two and then more…I always sent pictures of the dresses to Lena first after I received them because as popular as they were I wanted to share with her first.

The dresses while being inexpensive looked great on and the ad was “Tell a local weathergirl she can get a great dress for under 20.00 and she’ll buy it”.

As we all know the look has been very successful and a great many of my friends and sisters have all manner of “Weathergirl Dresses” now.  So, since many have given me undue credit for this look Lena truly found it, I modeled it and many people liked it, and for that I feel happy and blessed.   I’m glad it occurred prior to Lena leaving us and am honored that she chose to send it to me.

I’m going to include some pictures in a somewhat unusual format and hope you enjoy it.

 donnakelli as Batgirl and the weathergirl

donnakelli as Batgirl and the weathergirl

These pictures are examples of how the “Weathergirl” look gained momentum.  Many overseas companies such as Homeyee, Stylewe and Fashion Mia were making the dresses eventually all were (and now are) available at

Donnakelli in blue and white weathergirl dresses dresses

I found the blue and white dress as well as the navy blue with black trim on the site a few months ago.

Donnakelli in peplum grey and red weathergirl dresses

The peplum grey and black dress is from Dressbarn and the dark red with white trim is from Homeyee through Amazon.  Both seem to follow a look that has been labeled “Weathergirl look”.

Donnakelli in houndstooth and purple weathergirl dresses

The black and white hounds tooth dress was the first in a series of Weathergirl dresses, the purple and black was one of the dresses I ordered in the second wave of dresses, I loved the look and still do.

Donnakelli in dark red and Navy blue weathergirl dresses

The dark red and the Navy blue are both recent examples of where the weathergirl trend has gone, I hesitate somewhat when I refer to it as a trend because most of the dresses have a timeless feel and could easily be worn to an office. One of my friends recently said “you look like a school teacher , a sexy school teacher…I like it.

Remember I’m 5-6 135lbs and a size 6, but girls of all shapes and sizes have sent pics to me of them rocking these same dresses, so you don’t have to be petite to wear a fashionable dress.  Be certain to accessorize with the right jewelry (not too much) and the right shoes.  The feel of these styles is “Put together Professional”

I was told once by a restaurant Manager (after he approached me and my friend) that I must be an Attorney or I worked for the airlines.  He was serious and very nice; his words were you professional girls carry yourselves in a certain way and always look put together.  He then complained about his wife but that’s another story…LOL

malls in America

The above picture is a preview, I’ve been asked to write about malls in America, more specifically So. California where I reside. That will be coming soon as well as my annual trip to northern California for the River City Gems Sparkle event in Sacramento California.

I’ll close this for now and encourage you girls to try new fashion ideas and remember the World out there is ours, all of us, all people, if you’re a crossdresser or TG don’t be locked in your home find a group and let yourself out, the world is brighter when you’re wearing who you are on the outside and in the clothes, you love.

I’ll be back soon with Sparkle 2017 and Malls for now as always be safe out there…

(for Halloween, have a safe one)

Many Warm Hugs

Donnakelli as Batgirl

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4 thoughts on “The Weathergirl Look

  1. The “weather girl” look is fabulous, DonnaKelli.
    You could be on any of the major networks.
    You are a beautiful woman

  2. Hi Donnakelli, I have just gone through your blog and read about the Weathergirl Looks and I must say this one of the nicest and most impressive blogs that I have seen. I really give you thanks for sharing your idea about weathergirl looks with us. I am very much interested to read your next blog. Hope it will come very soon. Thank you

  3. OMG! I love the Weather Girl look. I’m such a fan of Ginger Zee. I’d love the chance to do the weather just once as a woman.


  4. (correcting my reply)

    DonnaKelli, you are the top. If I was the “macho ladies man” that I used be many years ago I would’ve loved to ask you out. You’re elegant but at the same time very feminine and sexy, but not vulgar. You have style and class. I am so happy to be counted as one of your friends. Thank you for sharing the “weathergirlook” with us.


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