The Best Disguise for Older Women is a Beautiful Dress!

What  has happened to the feminine appearance of older women? What has happened to the concept of “growing old gracefully?” You’ve probably read a lot of “what-is-this-world-coming-to” articles about the unfeminine and immodest appearance of young women, but have you taken a good look at the older women lately? From a distance, most of them cannot be distinguished from old men. The typical “older woman” uniform seems to consist either of lycra pants and flip-flops, tee shirts, unkempt short hair, and expensive manicures or jogging suits and/or spandex.

badly dressed women

I asked some of my stylish older friends on their thoughts, Donnakelli said that for many “it’s mis-matched styles ie..striped pants and patterned baggy tops with flip flops or bedroom slippers…it just signals  I don’t care… fact is I wonder sometimes if they ever did.  Or yoga pants and a top 3 sizes too big or too small…just no thought going into the outfits”.

badly dressed women

Donnakelli goes on to say “I can’t imagine myself wearing some of the outfits I see on “older women” yet I’m never told that I dress like a “party girl” which I try to avoid by hopefully being more in the elegant mode.  Women moving through age is not an easy journey, I think it may be more a sense of feeling its too much work for some women, but to be sure with many it’s a personal decision and they justify it by saying they don’t want to bother with all the girl things anymore…..I like being a girl and so does my wife”.

Another friend, Judy from Fargo, ND, tells the story about her wife consulting with a company with over 100 women employees. She was the only one wearing a dress. Judy herself has had a remarkable effect on the women around her. She started a “Sundress” Thursday ladies meetup group and soon many of the other women in the group began wearing dresses as not to be out shown by the only crossdresser.

Judy and her Sundress Thursday grou

Judy and her Sundress Thursday group. Which one is Judy? See bottom of article

Trousers are the least-flattering garment for an older or elderly woman’s figure. To make matters worse, most elderly women no longer wear supportive foundations, and their clothing bags and sags, making them look like a jumble of jello. We realize everyone wants to be comfortable, but must it be at the expense of femininity and beauty? And must it be such an eyesore to the public? I read where most women in America are “giving up” at age 52.  If women want to be held in high regard in society, the older women must set the example by dressing with dignity. The appearance of our elderly women in modern America is simply awful!

Older women have a place in society as wise counselors and examples to the young. They should be showing, by their example and appearance, that life is beautiful and good. Without saying a word, they influence the young, either in a positive or a negative way. One of the reasons women of our century do not look forward to getting older is the bad example of the elderly women they see before them.

Older women need to have the kind of appearance and attitude that inspires the younger women to say, “When I get old, I want to be just like her!” If their clothing, hair, and skin are repulsive in appearance, the young women will not be drawn to them. It is true that we are supposed to appreciate the inner beauty of others, but it is also a fact that we live in a physical world with a physical body that must be groomed and taken care of. It is our “equipment for life.” If older women have a message to the young, they must first remove the barriers of a slovenly and unflattering appearance.

Here is a group of beautiful and stylish older women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s that should inspire you, with the last one over 100 years old.

stylish older women

stylish older women

stylish older woman Sally Gordon

101 year old Sally Gordon

Could you pick out the trans women among them? Answer below.

Take, for example, the antiques that we admire. Are they valued and appreciated as much if they are just allowed to sit, uncared for, deteriorating from day to day, without being cleaned or shined? “Shabby Chic” aside, antiques bring us more enjoyment when they are repaired, cared for, restored, painted, and polished. Even a small table with chipped paint looks better when it is graced by a vase of fresh flowers.

As we grow older, our faces may develop wrinkles. One thing older women should know is that shaved, spiked, short, frizzy hair only emphasizes these wrinkles more. Compare such hair styles to the graceful, soft waves of a truly feminine hairstyle. Bangs, or “fringes,” make older women look younger, and they hide a multitude of worry lines. Hair dyes that are too dark, such as jet black, are very unnatural looking and make the skin appear more worn out and unhealthy.

Hairdressers and so-called fashion consultants are known to tell older women that short hair will give them a kind of face-lift. However, there are some older women who have dared to let their hair grow a little longer, gathering it into a French roll or knot, demonstrating that long hair, when it is upswept, can create an even better face lift. Some of these women say that when they let their hair grow longer, they felt much younger and more optimistic.

To achieve a soft, youthful appearance, older women need to stay away from the radical styles of the youth. Knobbly knees and wrinkled thighs are not attractive and only “tell” your age. The best disguise for older women is a beautiful dress! Dresses come in all kinds of shapes and styles and can be used to create visual slenderness and hide figure flaws such as saddlebags, thick waists, and protruding tummies. Appropriate shoes are essential to complete this kind of dressing, and you won’t have to worry about comfort. There are very comfortable shoes available that can be worn with dresses without looking like you are off to a sporting event.

Here are my favorite older celebrities that  exemplify style and elegance, in an everyday look.


L-R Helen Mirren, Christine Baranski, Queen Latifah

Older women, do you ever feel depressed about the era we are living in? Do you wonder when it is going to be fashionable and acceptable to wear pretty clothes and hats? In my opinion, older women have to lead the way in restoring true womanhood. We can’t expect the young women to develop a sense of dignity and grace if the older women are walking around in sweat pants and windbreakers, looking gender neutral. I feel sorry for young women these days. They haven’t got much to look up to in the way of example in dressing, so they mimic the film stars or buy what they see on the rack.

There are millions of women over the age of 50 in our society. They don’t know the power they could have to change the sorry state of the appearance of modern women. We don’t have to have a peer group to give us courage. If only one woman decides to change, it may influence several other women to change.

Not long ago, I complimented an older woman I saw in a grocery store. She was wearing a sage green dress with pin-tucks at the bodice. Her pure white hair was secured by a silver clip. I told her how nice she looked and thanked her for helping to make America beautiful. She replied that she used to wear jeans all the time, then one day she decided she wasn’t going to do it anymore. Life is too short not to spend your later years dressed beautifully. There just isn’t time to wait for it to become popular. Do it now, and leave some lovely photographs for your descendants. Your life isn’t over yet; there is a future and a hope for you, too!

Here’s another example from middle America (Muncie IN). I  was waiting for a pickup order in a local Bob Evans restaurant watching groups waiting to be seated. There were several couples in line all dressed shabbily as described above except for one woman in her 60s. Yes, she was dressed casually, but her blondish hair was beautifully coiffured, her face showed a lot of care in her makeup application and her clothes fit well and were pressed. What a difference!! She was a movie star compared to those around her. Had I’d been closer, I would have complimented her on her appearance.

young woman to older woman

Young women need to avoid getting into the habit of dressing badly in their youth. The way you dress now will become the way you end up looking as an elderly person. It may seem kind of “cool” to dress in dirty jeans now, but think what it will look like on you when you are old, gray, and wrinkled. It is not a pretty sight! Think carefully what you do as a young person, for that will be how you will end up as an older woman. Get acquainted with clothing and all its aspects now. Learn all you can about dressing appropriately, so that it will be automatic when you are older.

More excellent examples of stylish older women are in these Pinterest albums “Over 60 and Still Fashionable” and “Age Appropriate Is a Myth

Originally published by Lady Lydia, co-founder of Ladies Against Feminism

Crossdressers in photos:

  • Judy from Fargo – far right
  • Older women. CDs are 2, 3 and 4


4 thoughts on “The Best Disguise for Older Women is a Beautiful Dress!

  1. As I am out shopping, I look around at the women and see the majority of them in sloppy clothes. Many of them look like unmade beds. I think how femininity is wasted on them. They rarely wear dresses or skirts or or even try to look nice.I envy the fact that could wear anything in public, but they usually seem to choose comfort over style. If I could I would wear a skirt or dress anytime I was in public, I`d do it, but I don`t have the confidence to do it now. At 71 years old I don`t think I could get away with it and I don`t think my wife would allow it.

    • Linda – why not confidence? That’s what Sister House is here for. Helping you learn how to dress well. And age has nothing to do with it. I’m 76 and wear nothing but dresses and skirts in public. Read our section on Femme d’Certain Age in the Dressing Room or look at our Pinterest pages on aging ladies. Some of the most wonderfully dressed women are in their 60s, 70s,and 80s. And it’s pure fiction that comfort and style are not compatible. Read my blog (Tasi’s blog on top header bar) You can be both stylish and comfortable. Hugs….Tasi

  2. Loved your article about older women. If you should doubt any of your observations you need only come to one of Miami’s big Malls, sit for an hour and just watch. It would be an education on how not to appear in public. I have tried very hard over the years to always maintain a look that says here is an Executive Woman who knows who she is and demands respect. Helen Mirrean is a very good model to pattern one’s self after.

    Tasi, keep up the good work.
    Warmest Hugs

    Barbara Ann

  3. Wearing a dress is the ultimate statement for me. When I become a woman I totally immerse myself in everything feminine. As soon as I put my bra on my whole mind set changes. Everything just feels so natural when applying my makeup, doing my nails, putting on my dress, hose and heels. And topping it all of with some shoulder duster earrings. When I look in my full length mirror and see a beautiful woman looking back it please my immensely.

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