Hyaluronic Acid And Your Skin

Greetings, beautiful ladies!  I haven’t posted on Sister House in awhile, alas.  But I’m here now, with some talk about one of the hottest things in beauty currently, hyaluronic acid.  I’m going to share some tips for cleansing your face and brightening your skin.

Mellissalynn talks about hyaluronic acidTo begin with, we all know by now that the sun is the enemy of our skin, right?  We’re also aware that sweating can leave oils and bacteria on the skin that aren’t necessarily the best thing for us.  Smoking, of course, is bad for us all around; did you know that the residue from smoking gets into the pores of your skin and cause you to lose that healthy glow?  It’s true!  And, lastly, not sleeping or not sleeping well can be devastating to our skin.

This is a three-step method to correcting some of the damage these (and other) factors can cause.  We’ll begin with a good exfoliation.  When we exfoliate, we are removing dead skin, bacteria, and other elements from the skin, uncovering the healthier, younger skin beneath.  This can be accomplished with a gentle glycolic peel.  This will come in the form of medicated pads that you swipe your face with once daily.

The second step is to do some collagen rebuilding.  Collagen (as per Wikipedia) is the main structural protein in the extracellular space in the various connective tissues in animal bodies.  In other words, it’s the substance that plumps up the skin so it isn’t saggy and wrinkly.  As we age, and do damage to the skin, the collagen fades.  This can be fought!  There are many creams out there that contain retinol.  By applying once a day (usually in the morning), the collagen levels can be rebuilt, and the skin looks plump and shiny.

Our third actual step is to apply hyaluronic acid to the skin to rehydrate it.  This miracle substance, when applied, acts like a sponge in the skin, absorbing moisture and trapping it.  This is a great thing for the skin; we’ll get more radiant-looking skin because of this.  Hyaluronic acid can be found in many of the moisturizing face creams out there.

There are two other things we can do to assist in the treatment of our skin, ladies.  Both of these are inexpensive, but can be long-term fixes.  First of all, swap out your cotton pillowcases for silk or satin.  This will let your skin glide across it without being grabbed the way that cotton does.

The second is even less expensive; we own everything we need for this.  Ready? A self-delivered face massage!  This will take about a minute to perform.  Place the middle and ring finger of each hand at the tip of the chin Gently but rapidly tap your way along the jawline to the ears, then reverse until meeting again at the chin.  Move the fingers up and keep the motion going. Continue doing this everywhere but the eye area.

In combination, these tips will help to keep the skin soft, plump, and wrinkle-free.  Many celebrities endorse these steps, and live by them.  I recommend, when you start this regimen, taking a before photo to remember what your skin looked like in the beginning.  This way, you can see how much progress has been made!

You can read more about hyaluronic acid on Wikipedia.

Mellissalynn  Andromeda

Beauty Columnist for Sister House

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One thought on “Hyaluronic Acid And Your Skin

  1. Thanks Melisa. Is very interesting information. Some of those facts I have known for some time but did not or have not checked i that ingredient (hyaluronic acid) is in the creams I used for around my eyes and the entire face and neck. At 86 I think I am doing very well, since I quit smoking 52 years ago and being retired affords me to sleepin most of my days (ha!)

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