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Steffie MichaelsSteffie Michaels is a 6 ft 1 in, 210 lb transgender girl that hails from Asheville, NC.. Despite her height and weight, her goal is still to fit in and just be a mainstream girl. Size-wise, I can fit into a size 12 or 14 for skirts/pants and 16 or 18 for dresses”. Steffie says, “I try and look pretty but still blend in. I will go out anywhere mainstream, including to Church, the beauty salon, the YMCA, and even public transportation. I just like to go out and be me and am fully accepted as a woman. ?.

Steffie Michaels going out to church and walk in countryside

Steffie is married and her wife is supportive to a degree. She lets me go out and I can dress at home in her presence. However she does not want to go out with me as Steffie. So it’s not too bad.

Steffie says, “I’m a late-bloomer in that I only started being me about a decade ago. I always tell myself before going out that I belong and am like any other woman. I never stray outside my personality (which would make me something I am not). I try to smile as often as possible as this enhances one’s feminine side. I’m not afraid to go anywhere and always love life and new adventures”.

I specifically wanted Steffie here because she represents a whole genre of crossdressers that face challenges to fitting-in and Steffie does it very, very well. Her style reflects her body shape and no one would doubt that she is every bit a woman. She totally rocks the a-line dress which is perfect for her body shape (and mine too). Notice how she uses both the normal a-line and the empress type dress to good effect and her use of color is outstanding, whether monochrome (single color) or a printed dress. She carries her style sense on to swimwear and skirts and blouses too.

Steffie Micjaels in sheath dresses

Steffie Michaels in skirt and blouse outfits and a swimsuit

Interview with Steffie

What is the secret to great style?  Knowing what trends fit your personality and style. Choosing age appropriate clothing and makeup. I like maxi-dresses, A-line dresses (gives me illusion of more female curves), leggings paired with tunic tops (accentuate my long legs and staples such as little black dress (LBD is always elegant). In my case, my personality is shy and reserved but still friendly. I prefer clothes for late 30s to late 40s age-wise.

What is the one thing you would spend a lot of money on? Hair. The right hair style can make or break a look. Mine is shoulder length with a part in front as it helps to frame my face. (how to find the right wig for your face shape is here)

What is the one thing you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on? Clothes. Good clothing can always be found at reasonable prices. I like stores clothes such as Dillards outlet, Banana Republic, Belks, Macy’s, Torrid and NY&Company. For shoes, Payless, Lane Bryant and Torrid carry my size (ladies,12). You can shop these stores right here on Sister House

How do you balance new trends with a more timeless look? I examine whether new trends are age- and size appropriate and ask: “Will this fit in with me?”  For example, a mini-skirt would not look good on me. Clothes that compliment my features like long legs (maxi-dress or leggings) are a must.

Steffiec Michaels in maxi dresses and leggings

What is your current obsession? Always finding styles that can make me look pretty yet help me fit in like any mainstream woman.

Who inspires you? Heidy Klum because on Project Runway I can see a lot of outfits and gauge how they would look on me and how society reacts to them.

Heidi Klum om Project Runway

Do you have a signature piece or style? I prefer dresses, like a maxi-dress or little black dress or A line dresses. A lot of my photos show this.

Steffie Michaels in LBD little black dress, black fur and leopard skirt, cocktail attire

What’s your secret to making yourself stand out? The right hair style, age appropriate clothing and the right shoes and accessories.

What’s the one piece of advice most crossdressers need but don’t get? Pick clothing, makeup and hair styles that fit your personality. For instance, unless you are a size 0 and not tall, don’t wear mini-skirts and high heels when going out. For makeup, for example, don’t use blue eyeshadow but a more nude color. For lipstick, a berry or nude color is best for blending in.

What’s the best piece of style wisdom you’ve ever received? Don’t dress overflamboyantly.

What is your favorite trend? A-line dresses because it helps me present a more feminine shape.

Steffie Michaels in a-line dresses

What would you not be caught dead in? Mini-skirt and stiletto heels.

What are your favorite websites? Facebook, Instagram,  Rachel Zoe site

How would you describe your personal style? Modest, not flamboyant. I wear things that help to enhance feminine features. For a tall girl like me, maxi-dresses, A-line dresses, dresses with gathered fabric and leggings which help to accentuate my feminine features.

Who are your style icons? Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum

Steffie and her idols Heidi Klum and Jennifer Anniston

Steffie Michaels can be reached on Facebook and Instagram.




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