So You Think Pajamas Aren’t Chic?

Hi ladies…Pajamas aren’t chic, Huh! Got your interest, did I? Well it’s been a busy few weeks with all the holidays but I’m back and have a few things to share as well as what I wore. In October I attended my friend Allison Annalora’s !musical cabaret at Alibi Azul in Palm Springs Ca. Ali sings beautifully and always has a fantastic show.  The venue “Alibi Azul” is very friendly and a fun place to spend an evening if you are in Palm Springs.

donnakelli and friends at Alibi Azul

 Pictured above are Myself (DonnaKelli) and Allison Annalora, in the next picture L to R DonnaKelli, Carol Kamenis, Brianne King and Allison Annalora.  Carol sings as well and is wonderful to listen to, she has performed in many venues.

Alibi Azul is on the web at this address:

donnakelli at Alibi Azul

Pictures above were taken outside Azul, the dress was Teal blue by Anne Klein gathered and ruched at the mid-section with beading and glitter on the shoulders, shoes are Taupe Nine West closed toe ankle straps with a 3 ½ inch heel. Jewelry was silver by Brighton with a Michael Kors watch.

donnakelli and escort

The evening was terrific and Ali as usual sang like an Angel.  As I always say girls be safe out there, so since my spouse was working and unable to attend I had a very good friend as an escort for the evening.  Above pic is Escort and DonnaKelli.

As Halloween was approaching I made plans to attend the Rockwell dinner theaters annual performance of Hocus Pocus in L.A.  They do this every year and it is done with a very comedic and campy flare, my spouse and I attended October 26th prior to Halloween and had a fabulous time as we always do at the Rockwell

donnakelli at the RockwellAbove picture is in the Rockwell lounge prior to the performance and dinner, I wore charcoal gray skinny jeans by NY & Co. with a gray and black animal print top with ¾ sleeves from  Shoes were booties from Carlos Santana, purse was Jessica Simpson Taupe hobo bag and jewelry was Brighton.

In November Dr. Sharen Jeffries hosted another of her Office parties, this one was her fall party and she decided to give it a Masquerade theme. Dr. Sharen owns Sage/Premier Cosmetics medical office in Redlands Ca. and can do any type of facial, laser facial, Botox and chemical peel.  Her staff is friendly and caring, this is their contact info:

Dr. Sharen Jeffries and Donnakelli at her Fall Masquerade Office party.

Picture is Dr. Sharen Jeffries and myself at her Fall Masquerade Office party.

Dr. Sharen Jeffries and Donnakelli at her Fall Masquerade Office party.

L to R Candace facial aesthetician and DonnaKelli, center picture Image Product consultant and DonnaKelli and last picture Dr. Sharen Jeffries and DonnaKelli.

I wore a dress from Fashion Mia with jewelry from Brighton and Michael Kors, pumps are Nine West 3 ½ inch heels in Taupe. The Image product consultant and Dr. Sharen both chose long elegant gowns for the Masquerade ball theme.  Approx. 60 ladies were in attendance and won several prizes.  Dr. Sharen does her Office parties twice per year and they are always lots of fun and informative regarding caring for our skin.

During the Month of October something wonderful and exciting happened and I want to share this, I was put in contact with Nina of the Female Voice Club.

Tasi put me in contact with her because I already have a very female voice, but I wanted to find someone who is qualified to teach voice. I have been asked many times when girls meet me in person if I can teach them to train their voice as I did, I always respond with the fact that I’m not qualified, so I wanted to find a referral for girls trying to find their inner female voice.  Nina is wonderful, we’ve become friends and she lives very near me in So. Calif. She offers an introductory lesson to new students. If you’re serious give her a try and by all means practice, I think with Nina and practice your inner girl will finally speak.  I’ll include pics of Nina and I in my next column. More details about the Female Voice Club are here

December 9th, I was invited by Rita Doyle to attend a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Antelope Valley performing arts center.  I accepted and we were joined by my longtime friend Sheri Mayfield who also lives in So. Calif.

I drove to Sheri’s home in Antelope Valley and we met Rita at Marie Callenders restaurant for dinner at 6:00pm. We had great conversation, it was the first time Rita and Sheri met, they were like old friends. After dinner we took a couple of picture and then drove to the performance at 8:00pm.

Donnakelli with Rita Doyle and Sheri Mayfield

The first picture was taken in the entrance at Marie Callenders restaurant, L to R  Sheri Mayfield, Rita Doyle and DonnaKelli.  The second picture was taken after the performance of Handel Messiah in the performing arts lobby near a Christmas tree, we are all dressed warm because it was very cold that December evening.

I wore a soft Purple sweater dress from Homeyee with black Calvin Klein pumps, silver and gold jewelry with a faux leather coat and scarf to accent my dress.

Donnakelli in purple outfit

After the performance Sheri and I took Rita to her car and said our good byes, it was a wonderful evening with good friends.  Due to it being late and a long drive home Sheri was gracious and had invited me to stay the night at her home.

We had a very small (2 people) pajama party and chatted far into the morning. It’s what we girls do… Right??

I wasn’t going to share PJ pictures but since they are only PJ’s I’ll make an exception. I took these after waking up the following morning and before coffee so please be kind…LOL

Donnakelli in pajamas

Sheri and I decided to go shopping at the Antelope Valley mall and grab a light lunch before I had to drive home.

Donnakelli at mall

Sheri Mayfield and DonnaKelli.  Here is a picture of a new dress I bought from it’s velour and very clingy sizing is true to size, it’s in their current catalog.  I haven’t worn it anywhere yet but think it would be great for a trip to Vegas.

Donnakelli in blue dress

This is the same dress I wore to the Concert only in blue, very comfortable sweater dress and well made, available on I modeled it with dark taupe Jessica Simpson 4-inch heels and silver jewelry.  I can’t wait to find a place to wear it to.

I have done it again and probably run long this month, I hope I caught up with all the fun holiday things going on at least here in So. Calif.

I’ll be back to write about the Malls here and some trends or style shifts due to weather, they are never very obvious in So. California.

Oh and my pajamas (PJs) are from Kohl’s, a gift from my spouse, at least these are, I have too many…but I think I misspoke , girls can never have too many pretty clothes, pajamas and shoes..can they..?

As always girls please be safe out there, and please do go out there and enjoy the world, it belongs to all of us.  Girls are all shapes, sizes and ages, let the inner girl out and it will be hard to keep her in.

Donnakelli in pajamas

Warm Hugs


Sisterhouse Fashion and Style Columnist

3 thoughts on “So You Think Pajamas Aren’t Chic?

  1. You look gorgeous in your pj’s DonnaKelli
    So glad the two girls of you stayed up and chatted and chatted like all girls do
    You are a beautiful woman and inspiration to many, many girls.
    Thank you so much


  2. DK…. Loved it all. Your outfits are, as you realize, superb. Loved the Purple dress…I wore purple & lilac today & bought a purple purse after brunch.
    I’ll try to send pics later… Have a Safe & wonderful Holiday Season.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful report DonnaKelli, and yes, you look very cute in your pajamas. Well you can even wear men pajamas and stll beautiful and sexy. I had a wonderful time with you and Sheri last Saturday. Keep enjoying the holidays.

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