One Piece – Many Looks

Nadine Feil is a very stylish German crossdresser and in this blog post, One Piece – Many Looks, she aptly demonstrates just how to transform a few essential pieces, like a cardigan and a blazer, into many really great street style looks. We have much to learn from her

I quote:  Here it comes, “one part”, ie a piece of clothing or, for example, a sofa, a living room wall ,,with the simplest  “turn” means to. The whole should not generate any new acquisitions possible. When going,  I would them each  like to see three design examples – “Looks 3” .

Since I naturally thought it ridiculous if I do not find some examples. And voila, here are my amounts for your great action, love Traude:

Cardigan looks

My first part is all about a black cardigan. On the left, I combined it with a white top and a silver, short skirt, in the middle with a yellow dress and on the right with the same top as on the left and a blue patterned mini skirt. You have to click the photos to see them bigger.

Blazer outfit looks

My second collage shows a gray blazer. Left classic as a “business outfit” with a gray pencil skirt, a white blouse and black tights, in the middle casual with white top, a short mini skirt (the same as in the example above) and a matt, nude tights, right all ” Lady-like “with a white blouse body and paisley pin skirt. In addition, a slightly shiny pantyhose to enhance the elegant character.

Rosa_Rock looks

Now a simple pink pencil skirt is the focus. Three times very casual combined – for shopping and for a museum visit. Right with a trench coat, which comes down in honor again.

Bleistiftrock looks

We stick to a pencil skirt, this time a bit more elegant in gray. Left in an elegant setting with a purple top, in the middle with a white blouse, a black sweater and high heels boots and on the right again the business outfit from above. Forgive me for showing the photo twice, but it just fits in here as well.

Bolero outfit looks

Now comes a green bolero jacket in the limelight. It was purchased as a supplement to the blue dress, which you can see on the left. But it goes well with the black lace dress or a gray flared skirt and a red top.

gray cardigan outfit looks

Relatively recently, a gray cardigan was allowed to move into my wardrobe, which can be combined with many pieces. The gray dress, the gray skirt or the light blue pleated rocker will not be the last outfits with this all-purpose cardigan 😉

red sheath dress outfit looks

One of my oldest pieces is this red sheath dress. It’s actually part of a costume and comes – I think – still from the 80s … I know, I look younger :-))) But no matter if only with purple scarf, with belt and Cardigen (again the black of above) or combined with beige blazer, in this dress woman has to sit down while sitting down to hell that it does not slide up too high and provokes unwanted glances 😉

trench coat outfit looks

Last but not least, of course, comes my beloved trench coat to honor, I could show you in even more variants. Whether with beige skirt and pumps, with the gray pencil skirt from above or at the Vienna Central Cemetery with a green miniskirt (not visible), black high boots (both not suitable for the place – I apologize) and black tights (rather fitting), I always feel very well in this coat.

Of course, I have not bought any of the parts shown separately, but in the spirit of sustainability and Traude’s specifications only “carried”. Hard-working tribal readers will already know most of the outfits and pictures, some of which are already very old, but maybe I was able to encourage you a bit to participate in this beautiful action of Traude.

Translated from the original German

One thought on “One Piece – Many Looks

  1. Nadine;
    You represent what is an international example of a well coordinated, CD from head to toe.
    We who are trying to also represent the feminine appearence, respect & admire you. Well Done!
    May you have many more years of fabulous dressing.
    Enjoy being You! T.J.

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