Actually Helpful Makeup Tricks for Trans Women

Surprisedly there are few actually helpful makeup tricks for trans women among the 1000s of makeup videos on You Tube and 1000s of makeup articles in beauty and fashion magazines . So we went searching for makeup and beauty tips that would be truly useful for you and cached together a composite of some of the best tips and tricks for your use.

TG makeup tricks and tips

Needless to say applying makeup may be the most important part of being a crossdresser or trans woman. Certainly a flawless face goes a long way in convincing others of your femininity and while you may have masculine features to hide, makeup does wonders in creating the perfect image for all women. And if you don’t believe me, check out these celebrities before and after makeup bearing in mind that many women have masculine features too

Every girl needs to develop her own style and variation to fit her personality, but our experts below will put you ahead of the game.with their abundance of makeup tricks and tips for transwomen.

Makeup tricks by Beauty Consultants

L-R Carollyn Olson, Monica Prata, Transformations by Gina

Carollyn Olson was our first Stylish Crossdresser because she is extraordinary in her presentation, both in makeup and dress. I asked Carollyn to share her step-by-step instructions for makeup application with us which you should keep handy so you don’t forget the steps. To make it easier for you, I created a pdf of Step by Step Makeup Application for Trans Women that you can download and keep with your makeup bag.

Monica Prata is a makeup artist and transgender coach in New York. In this article from Buzzfeed she shares some of the most helpful and amazing makeup tips she’s learned over the years. Monica asked four trans women — Kacey, Diana, Kara, and Lea — to tell us a little bit about the makeup styles they each preferred. Then she created each of their ideal looks, teaching us everything along the way so we could share with our readers. Here is a 19 Helpful Makeup Tips for Transwomen-pdf version that you can also download.

Transformations By Gina, is an L.A.-based makeup/photography service for crossdressers and T-Girls. This is a 9 part series of tutorials for makeup application beginning to end. These tutorials are also available on a special 3-DVD set of makeup instruction videos designed specially for crossdressers, transsexuals and transgender women. Unfortunately Gina’s website is no longer active but her videos are still available on YouTube.

 Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 1-Taping.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 2-Beard Cover.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 3-Foundation.avi

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt 4 Eyebrow Shaping 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 5A-Smokey Eye.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 5B-Smokey Eye.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 6-Lashes.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 7-False Lip.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 8-Eyeliner.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 9-Finishing Touch.avi 

Finally some fairly detailed videos by transwomen, Casey Blake, Stef Sanjati  and Cetine Dale



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  1. Good stuff ladles…my wifey is the Westmore’s of Hollywood trained makeup artist. She’s also repped many major cosmetics companies. I am very conscious of my face makeup. It’s a blank canvas to start, & steps to completion must be followed for best results. It’s important for confidence as well. ENJOY being you! T.J.

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