Battle of the Royals Fashion

For my British and even American readers, there is little doubt that for many years, Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, was the best among fashion icons. Since her marriage to Prince William, she has set the world on fire while becoming the driving force in the sale of women’s clothing worldwide. What she wears is mostly sold out in a matter of hours in the stores. The “Kate Effect” as it has become known has a global impact on women’s fashion and she has turned the image of British royals, which had been declining since the death of Princess DI, into a positive one

But now she has some serious competition from the royal families on the Continent. Hello Magazine asked it’s readers to vote on ten royal women and you may be surprised at the results

royals fashion of the Royal Women of Europe

The Royal Women of Europe

You can read the Battle of the Royals

The Royal Fashion Channel on You Tube is here



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