The Best Boots For The Season

Why do women love accessories, particularly boots. so much? One reason may be that they have nothing to do with size. An amazing boot, shoe or bag looks Fabulous on anyone. The right accessory will transform your outfit.

 The switch of a heel to a flat, a slouchy bag to a clutch can change the entire mood of the outfit. Add ons are an easy way to add personality to your outfit and extend your wardrobe.

Why do we love our boots? Whether classic or trendy, this full coverage footwear is comfy and chic.

wardrobe accessorie

Once I start wearing them, I cannot take them off. They can have a country look, an equestrian vibe or a sleek urban chic flair. They give us the comfort to wear dresses and skirts on chillier days. They will dress up our jeans or dress down our most delicate pieces.

boots give versatilityBoots give more versatility to our wardrobe giving us more options. Every woman should have a few pairs in different styles.The right pair will completely transform your style. They will be an important part of your outfit so choose what you wear wisely. Boots are available today at many prices from 50 to 500$ in our average stores. They are definitely more expensive than shoes but well worth the investment.

 The Knee High Boot

They will allow you to wear your lighter fabric dresses and skirts in the fall and winter when it is cold. It will give a modern twist to a flouncy skirt and shawl sweater.

At the change of season, stuff them and store them in an appropriate box with a photo of the boots taped to the box. The High heel boot is just as lady like as a pump. When wearing a boot with a dress or skirt, make sure there is not more than 1/2 an inch space between the leg and the boot. It should not be too tight either. With a full skirt, the hem should fall just over the top of the boot.

knee high boot

western bootHeavier Heeled styles (Western)

These are best with longer skirts. Don’t pair your lacy, tiered skirts with rugged boots. Keep this style for your jeans or more casual skirts.


The boots below motorcycle, riding and hipster could be considered more rugged but they have elegant details, a heel, a texture and rich leather that makes them ideal for skirts or pants.

motorcycle boot

riding boot for skirts

Flat – Funky Boot

These are fun to dress down an outfit. Opt for interesting textures and colors for a youthful look.


riding boot for pants

The Ankle Boot

The ankle boots are very elegant and ultramodern. You can find them in all styles, textures and colors. They are easy to wear under your pants. I am not a fan of wearing ankle boots with dresses unless they are very slim and you wear tights the same color as the boot to elongate your leg and avoid cutting it off.


ankle boot

ankle boot

peep toe boot

“An Accessory Is Just As Important As The Outfit. It Completes The Look, Highlighting The Personality Of The Wearer”    Giorgio Armani


You may remember the days when “Matchy-Matchy” was the norm. This is no longer the case. We have become much more creative with our choices.

 Mix Textures

A patent boot with a patent bag is way too much shine,. Pair a high gloss boot or shoe with a velvet or brocade bag for more interest.

 Mix Prints & Solids

Balance the busy and basic. It doesn’t mean you have to stay away from color. A leopard print and a bright red is very chic.

 Mix Metallics and Matte

Pair a sleek silver with black and a gold will be a great complement to brown.

Always stay in the same mood or style of the outfit.

An equestrian boot calls for a hobo bag

A sleek clutch , a sexy stiletto

A dainty purse, a lady like pump

And pair your sporty nylon messenger bag with your favorite sneakers.

 RESOURCES (up to 13)

Torrid (Up to 13)

Payless Shoes (up to 13)

Nordstrom – (Up to 12 and 13)

Long Tall Sally (sizes 9 to 15)

The above sizes are available on selected styles only.

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