Style Essentials for the Mature Woman

Jennifer Connally

Jennifer Connolly

In your 20s, it’s easy to shop for clothes and almost everything looks great on you. Youth forgives many faux pas, which are frequently seen as creative and chic. As you age, it’s not as easy. Jennifer Connolly from A Well Styled Life us a few essentials to help us stay looking fashionable and chic. It’s easy, really! Actually these ideas apply to women of all ages, including those of us in the trans community. Jennifer largely sticks to the basics, but they work.

There were so many great comments to her post that I had to include many of them in the list as well.

• A quality handbag in proportion to your body. I’m not saying designer/logo and I’m not saying expensive…I’m saying quality. What is a quality handbag? It has even stitching and there are no hanging threads. The seams lay flat with no puckers. The zipper works well and the hardware matches. Never carry a knock screams insecurity!

• A good haircut is a true necessity! Your hair texture and face shape change as you age so your hair style needs to also. A flattering hair style needs to have movement. Helmet hair is fatal to looking stylish. Whether you choose to cover your gray or not is a personal choice and there is no wrong answer. Just be aware that if your hair and skin are the same tone, you may look washed out and need to intensify your make up.(shades of blonde or grey look good on older women, Check our Wig Nook and our Pinterest board on Grey Is Gorgeous)

Comfortable, high quality flat shoes that can be worn all day. High heels are great for special occasions, but for everyday running around, nothing beats a classy pair of flats. Ballet, loafer, flat boots, brogues or driving moccasins…this is where comfort and style collide for the woman over 50. Support is important so if your shoe of choice doesn’t have built-in support, add an insert that does. (Check our section on All About Shoes)

• A flattering pair of pants with a modern silhouette. They could be in classic black, chocolate, charcoal or navy, and are a basic building block that allows you to feel chic whenever you put them on. They are tailored to fit your body perfectly, (yes women pay for alterations too) and are in a quality fabric. The quality here is determined by your lifestyle. If you’re always in casual clothes, these pants could be in a chino, cotton or twill. If your lifestyle calls for a more dressed up feel, wool or silk gabardine works well.

• A great coat. If you live in a mild climate like I do, it could simply be a trench coat. It doesn’t need to be stuffy. Mine happens to be black with a zip out lining, but I also added a pale green one with ruching and buttons up the outside of the sleeves a few years ago. If you live in a 4 season climate, a quality wool coat plus a warmer weather alternative like suede is a nice choice.

• A lovely robe and slippers. These may only be seen by you…but is crucial to your feeling and being stylish. A ratty robe and scuffed slippers don’t make anyone feel better about themselves. I’m not saying marabou slippers… but if that’s your thing…go for it. There is that pair in the back of my closet…never mind. This is to make you feel stylish. If others happen to see you in them, all the better. (Tasi – I still love a pegnoir set)

• A quality watch. If you wear a watch it should reflect your personality and style. I’ve seen $5,000 watches that are glitz over style and look trashy. I’ve also seen Timex watches that have a timeless look that speaks quality. If your taste runs to a more modern aesthetic there are watches at reasonable prices that have clean lines and work well. (Mine is a gold and silver clasp watch from Kohls that goes with any jewelry I’m wearing)

• A little black dress which can be in chocolate, charcoal, navy or any neutral. The idea is to have a reliable, well tailored dress that you can put on with confidence, knowing it fits your body (alterations key), flatters your coloring and can be dressed up or down. Mine happens to be black, surprise! I’ve worn it to a formal affair with a silk scarf and glittery jewelry as well as the local farmers market on a Saturday morning with flip flops and a big straw hat.

• A jacket or blazer. A jacket pulls any outfit together and gives your body a slimmer silhouette. Jackets or blazers can be made of cotton, wool, knit for a stretchy fit, leather, denim, crepe, linen, tweed, etc. There are a variety of colors and fabrics that take a put-together woman from daytime to nighttime.

• A properly fitted bra. We’ve all heard the statistics of how many women are wearing the wrong size bra, and it’s true. Your bra size changes as you age, and it’s important to get a professional fitting every year. You may need a little more support and “fiber” as you age. The right size bra can take pounds off your silhouette and be much more comfortable.

• A good pair of earrings. Whether a hoop, dangle, huggie or stud, a quality pair of earrings polishes off that great haircut you’re wearing. Pearl earrings bring a glow to your complexion and are always in style.

• A flattering lipstick shade in a creamy, not frosty finish. Flat, dry looking lips are aging. Dark colors tend to make your lips look thinner, so if your lips are thinning all by themselves, aim for a lighter, softer color. You’re looking for gleam, not high, gooey looking shine which wicks up lines and looks horrific. (I’m probably old fashioned, but I love red. It’s my signature color)

• The RIGHT mascara. One that isn’t too thick, isn’t waterproof, isn’t “volumizing” or “lengthening”, doesn’t flake, doesn’t irritate my eyes, and is the right color (brown or brown-black for me.

Modern Eye Wear. If you wear glasses everyday, it’s the first thing people notice about you. Outdated styles and unflattering shapes can add years to your look and reduce your style quotient faster than anything. Sunglasses also make a huge impact, so a modern shape that flatters your bone structure helps you feel like a million bucks the moment you put them on.

• The RIGHT white top. My favorite is a cross-front, 3/4 sleeve in an opaque, damask-patterned good-quality polyester. Classy, versatile, shapely without being too revealing, and wearable almost year-round.

Good Grooming is always essential to include  groomed nails, dental hygiene, and a clean fresh fragrance even when just going to the market

Gracefulness is what enhances a women’s style and gives that inner femininity the chance to shine. From my point of view, a woman with panache is the ultimate objective of a truly remarkable woman.

You see,  I believe a woman can be pretty at any age, it’s just takes a bit of tweaking 😉




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