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18 Beauty Tricks I Wish I knew At 18

It’s fun to go the cosmetic counter at your local department store and learn makeup techniques from the sales girls. They can be extraordinary helpful but they are there to sell product and you may end up with more product than you need and a lighter wallet. Much of what you need can be either organic or available in the local drugstore.

Julyne Derrick is the Beauty Editor for and she has shared many beauty tips in the 10 years that she has been writing about beauty. Julyne says she could have saved a lot of money had she known all these tricks when she was a teenager. She’s passing those secrets on to us now.

Never Shell Out $$$ for a Cleanser

aveeno cleanserThere’s  no reason to shell out a month’s car payment for a moisturizer. There’s also no reason to spend the big bucks on cleanser, which is meant to wash off impurities and is only on your skin foe mere seconds.

You can find great cleansers and moisturizers at your local drugstore. Look for these brands: Aveeno, Purpose, Neutrogena, Olay, Cetaphil and Eucerin. Also make sure to choose a formula that works with your skin type. This means if you have dry skin, buy a creamy cleanser (or my favorite, Pond’s) and a super moisturizing, hardcore moisturizer. If you have oily skin, buy a cleanser formulated for oily skin.

Still not convinced? I give you even more reasons to trust me in Splurge or Save: Cleansers & Moisturizers.

How to Make Your Own Sugar Body Scrub

The key to making a body or facial scrub is 2 parts sugar and 1 part oil. Pick your favorite sugar (brown or refined sugar) and mix it in with your favorite oil (Sweet Almond Oil, jojoba, organic coconut, organic olive). Get the full recipe here: How to Make Salt and Sugar Scrubs

The Amazing Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil

If there’s one typical kitchen item to move to your bathroom, it’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. You can use coconut oil in body scrubs, hair masks, milk baths and as a simple moisturizer for face and body. I use coconut oil almost daily on my face and body. It smells like summer, soaks into my dry skin like a serum (which I prefer to creams) and is 100% natural.
You can get it from your local grocery store or health food store for about $10, depending on size. And a short video on the benefits and use of coconut oil.

How to Save on Shampoo

shampooing hairHere are my favorite tips for saving on shampoo:
• You only need to lather once. You don’t need to repeat. Shampoo companies use the “rinse and repeat” wording to sell more product.
• Skip the fancy schmancy shampoos and conditioners. You can get a good product in your basic grocery store. Save your money on other items that are worth the splurge.
• You can skip the fancy salon shampoos for one of the Top 10 Drugstore Products for Hair.
• Buy a jumbo size bottle of shampoo (cost per ounce is cheaper). Instead of buying a bottle for each shower, divvy up the jumbo bottle among bottles of shampoo you already have on hand. It doesn’t really matter if you mix shampoos.

 Pay for the Massage, Do Your Own Facials

facemaskfunnyWhile there’s really nothing better than a spa facial, a great one can set you back $150 or more. Treat yourself in between the spa visits with your own at-home facials. They are relatively simple to do: place a warm towel on your face for 5 minutes, exfoliate with a fine facial scrub and finally, finish your facial off with a mask. If you don’t want to spend money on the scrubs and masks, try one of my homemade recipes above.

For full step-by-step instruction, check out How To Do The Basic At-Home Facial.

Get Your Brows Professionally Done Every 3 Times You Shape Them

shaping eyebrowsOne of my all-time favorite beauty secrets involves the eyebrows. I have always been a stickler for great brows but I found the best way to keep your brows looking great is to get them professionally done in between your own upkeep. If you have a pro wax them or thread them, they create a “map” that you can follow until your brows become so unwieldy, you need to head again to the salon.

See How To Shape Your Eyebrows

Use Baby Powder to Soak Up Oils in Hair

If you have oily hair, skip the fancy dry shampoos and apply baby powder to your crown and roots to soak up excess oils between shampoos.

Heal a Pimple With Aspirin

One of the all-time most popular beauty tips on is their aspirin mask for acne. It’s so simple and apparently works so well, I’m amazed that 1950s mothers didn’t know about it to use on their pimply offspring. How is it we discovered this fabulous beauty trick recently? I’ve adapted’s recipe using a lemon juice tip I picked up from Dr. Oz’s show.

Get the full recipe here: Aspirin & Lemon Juice Mask for Acne.

Shampoo Build-up? Reach for the Apple Cider Vinegar

One organic beauty staple you’ll find in all the organic beauty books and Websites is apple cider vinegar. There’s simply nothing better to add shine and life back into your limp locks. Apple cider vinegar can be used daily or just a couple times a week to remove product build-up on your hair. It smells kind of funny (although some people claim they love the smell, but hey, these people probably also love patchouli) so I suggest applying it BEFORE you shampoo. I also recommend shampooing with a mild baby shampoo that doesn’t include sulfates, the wicked witch of hair products.

The recipe is ridiculously simple, which is my kind of recipe: put 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup water in a spray bottle. Give it a shake. Spray on the roots of hair and your scalp in the shower. Massage the apple cider vinegar into scalp (this is also good for combating dandruff) and then spray more on the hair itself, massaging it into hair with your hands. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before washing it out with a gentle baby shampoo.
You can use this rinse daily until your hair appears shinier.

See more hair mask recipes in Hair Mask Recipes: Homemade Hair Rinses & Hair Masks

Buffing Lasts Longer Than Nail Polish

buffing nailsMy fingernails always chip quickly because I am a fidgety person by nature. And then because I’m also a busy person who can live with nasty chipped nail polish, I tend to go far too long between manicures. This is not cool when one is a beauty writer by trade.
Hence, my addiction and supreme love for buffing. Buffing is the beauty editor’s secret. You get shiny, gorgeous nails without the hassle of nail polish (and let’s face it, nail polish is full of nasty stuff that you may not want flowing into your blood system).

It can cost about $5 or more than getting polish, but buffing lasts a super long time and is a popular choice among my natural, organic-loving friends.

Lip Liner: The Secret to Long-lasting Lip Color

To keep your lip color lasting as long as possible, first fill in your lips with lip liner. Even when the lipstick or gloss wears off, the liner will stick around for awhile, making your color last much longer.

Use a Washcloth to Get Rid of Scaly Skin

I suffer from dry skin in winter and I find a washcloth is a wonderful exfoliator. Once you apply cleanser, simply wash off the cleanser with a warm washcloth, gently scrubbing your skin in a circular motion. I like to put coconut oil on a warm, wet washcloth and massage the oil into my skin. The washcloth exfoliates while the oil moisturizes.

Curl Your Eyelashes

Not everyone has naturally long lush eyelashes but you can fake them by curling your lashes. For extra staying power, shoot hot air for a few seconds from your blow dryer on your eyelash curler. This will help set your curl. Just make sure the metal isn’t too hot. You don’t want to burn your lids.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day Rain or Shine

I started wearing sunscreen every single day — rain or shine — when I was 30 but I wish I had started this habit when I was younger. Sun damage is the No. 1 cause of premature aging.

Double Up on Your Makeup Product Duty

Why buy a ton of products when some work double duty. For example, you can use eyeshadow as eyeliner by wetting a eyeliner brush and dipping it in your shadow. Instead of buying both a foundation and a sunscreen, get a foundation that has SPF. BB creams pack in a tint, sunscreen and anti-aging properties all in one product. And I love Bobbi Browns pot de creme, which can be used as both lip color and blush.

If You Can Only Choose One Makeup Product, Choose…

bright lipsIf you don’t have time to put on a full face of makeup and you had only oe product to choose, I’d select a bright lip color. It will add pop to your face in a way that no other single makeup product can, including mascara.

Wear Scrubbing Gloves in the Shower

I have used scrubbing gloves in the shower since 1997 when my friend Susan introduced me to the concept. You simply pour onto your gloves a liquid cleanser and scrub the dead skin off your body. You’re left with silky, smooth skin.

Cleanse Your Face Every Night

I have cleansed my face almost every single night since I started wearing makeup and my skin is in great shape. I just can’t imagine going to bed with a day’s worth of impurities and skin-clogging foundation and sunscreen on my skin. For this same reason, I always brush my teeth at night.